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Angola Cables to expand presence in South Africa

Angola Cables has announced plans to establish a point of presence in Cape Town before the end of this year. This is with an aim to expand its network reach and peering capabilities in South Africa. Angola Cables hopes to improve internet connectivity to and from the continent. The decision comes as a result as the company’s gradual customer growth in its customer base after almost a year of operations in the country.

Angola Cable currently has established presence in Teraco in Johannesburg. The new location in Cape Town will serve the purpose of meeting the increasing demand of the customers. It will also serve to enhance the peering activities of the company in the region.

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According to Darwin Cost, product manager at Angola Cables, the expansion will enable the firm attend to local internet and content demands. They will also manage to enhance their peering activities in the region.

Angola Cables holds position as one of the fast growing wholesale provider of internet services in sub-Saharan Africa. The firm boasts of a growing global infrastructure, including the Monet and South Atlantic Cable Systems (SACS). Angola Cables is presently focusing on growing its presence on the continent.

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The company is expected to pioneer the fastest routes between South Africa and Brazil and the USA. This is following the completion of SACS in mid-2018 and Monet at the end of this year. Furthermore, the company has developed a EuroRing. This is to provide African companies improved connectivity to Europe. It is also aimed at expanding African-based clients’ presence overseas. That is including access to the major cloud services providers and content providers.

About Angola Cables

Founded in 2009, Angola Cables operates in the wholesale market and in international transmission capacity in submarine cable systems and IP Transit. The company also runs Angonix, an internet exchange point located in Luanda.


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