Calpak offers unrivalled Mark4 solar water heaters

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Surely, the low price of some solar water heaters is attractive but will they deliver a return in their investment? In order to deliver unparalleled performance and reliability, Mark4 consists of premium materials at the right quantity. Here are the Top10 reasons why Mark4 is the best solar thermal system we’ve ever manufactured in our 44+ year history!

  • Double-wall frame! A common collector has an aluminum frame 0.8mm thick. Mark4 has a double-wall frame with a thickness of 2.4mm from Exalco. The three times thicker double-wall frame ensures significantly lower thermal losses and an overall robust construction.
  • Absorber with 11 copper pipes! A common collector absorber has 7-8 copper pipes. Mark4’s absorber has 11 high quality pipes from Halcor. This leads to a more effective heat transfer from the collector to the tank.
  • High transparency glass! The glass of a common collector is 89% transparent. Mark4’s low-iron glass has a transparency of 91.5% that allows a larger amount of solar radiation to reach the absorber.
  • Compressed collector! The frame of a common collector is usually fixed with screws. Mark4’s collector is compressed leading to an impeccable finish and a high protection from humidity.
  • Back-plates from aluminum! The back-plates of a common collector is made of galvanized steel. Mark4’s back-plate is made of 0.5mm aluminum from Elval.
  • Rock-wool insulation! The insulation of a common collector is made of glass-wool. The Mark4 collector has a high-quality, 40mm thick, rock-wool insulation from Fibran. As a result the heat losses are significantly reduced.
  • Aluminum support! The support of a common solar water heater is made of galvanized steel. Mark4 has an aluminum support with a design distinction from Reddot. This makes the installation much easier and faster and results in an unparalleled durability.
  • Stainless steel connection pipes! The connection pipes of a common solar water heater are PAP plastic with a 16mm diameter. Mark4 has connection pipes from stainless with 20mm diameter, made by Tiemme. This enables higher performance and durability.
  • Robotic tank welding! Unlike common solar water heater tanks, Mark4’s tank has precision welding performed by state-of-the-art robots. This ensures a long life expectancy that exceeds 20 years.
  • High performance closed circuit! In comparison with a common solar water heater, Mark4’s tank has a larger and better designed closed circuit (jacket) that allows faster heating of the water.

All the fore mentioned benefits are taking place in the new high-tech, globally recognized, Calpak factory.