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Chryso helps brick customer with new plant floor

Challenges experienced when laying the floor of Cem Brick’s new plant were easily sorted out using CHRYSO admixtures. Hot and dry conditions during construction led to some surface cracks, adding CHRYSO® Optima 100 to the floor ready mix solved this issue.

Bloemfontein-based cement brick manufacturer Cem Brick experienced concrete-related challenges when laying the floor of its new plant, and turned to CHRYSO Southern Africa for a solution.

To accommodate its fast growth, Cem Brick upgraded its old plant to a state-of-the-art facility, and hot and dry conditions during the construction led to surface cracks appearing on the floor. The company has been using CHRYSO admixtures in the production of its bricks and roof tiles for some time, and called on regional sales manager at CHRYSO Southern Africa, Greyling Jansen to assist.

“Knowing CHRYSO and our products so well, Cem Brick contacted us for a solution,” Jansensays. “Following an on-site assessment and discussions with the site engineer, flooring contractor and readymix supplier, we were able to propose an appropriate solution that included the use of both admixtures and structural fibres in the floor slab.”

Jansen says that significantly, both the flooring contractor and readymix supplier are CHRYSO customers and understand the advantages of using admixtures to resolve challenges when using readymix. The structural fibres were supplied through CHRYSO’s partner, Oxyfibre.

CHRYSO®Optima 100was selected for use in the readymix as this admixture would allow the requisite workability as well as water reduction in the 120 slump pump mix.

“We were able to assist Cem Brick with a range of other CHRYSO products to enhance the performance of the concrete in the plant floor and other structures,” Jansen says.

a.b.e.’s epidermix 345

This included a.b.e.’s epidermix 345 which facilitates the bonding of new concrete to existing concrete, preventing cold joints. Special curing compound, CHRYSO® Cure WP was also using in the readymix for the flooring as this mitigates against hot and windy conditions.

a.b.e.’s Durasheet was used in between the flooring joints of the new plant, while duracord was used as backing cord to the floor joints. Dowsil 813C was used to seal joints around high traffic areas. More a.b.e. products namely, duragrout and durarep FR were used to repair honeycombing and damaged corners on concrete members supporting machinery. CHRYSO Profilm 19 was used as a curing aid to protect the floor surface from cracking in its plastic state, due to direct sunlight during casting.

“There was also a vertical wall in the new plant that benefited from CHRYSO admixtures,” Jansen says. “Here, we were able to supply CHRYSO Cure Acrylic to cure walls on the outside of the building, while CHRYSO Stab 25 facilitates a better finish to the mortar and inhibited cracking on the wall surface.”

Advil XT Fibre

CHRYSO also used its Advil XT Fibre on the wall mortar to inhibit plastic shrinkage cracks. CHRYSO®Cim, a bonding agent in aqueous phase, prevented delamination of wall mortar waterproofing and ensured greater flexibility.

“The new plant continues to use CHRYSO admixtures to enhance concrete product quality and manufacturing efficiency. We add particular value through our CHRYSO Dem Oleo RT demoulding agent in roof tiles, and CHRYSO Plast CM90 and CHRYSO Colour Pigment for paving stones,” Jansen concludes.

Yvonne Andiva
Editor/ Business Developer at Group Africa Publishing Ltd


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