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CPS support the rise in demand for Generators in Africa

The growth in mining, oil, and gas exploration in countries such as Tanzania, Ghana, and Nigeria has spurred on the demand for Diesel Generators throughout Africa. This is due to the fact many areas of Africa, especially rural sectors have infrequent power supply which can ultimately lead to businesses and operations spending a lot of time without a power supply and thus losing out on money and custom.

Genset demand in Africa

In fact, the Genset demand throughout the continent is rising in parallel to the economic growth of the area meaning that it is now becoming more important than ever to ensure power is reliable and sturdy, the Millennium Development Goals (MGDs) even claimed that due to the larger working age that many African countries are aiming to develop ‘Mega Cities’ to accommodate this surge in people requiring work and areas to live – this is also contributing to the rise in demand for Power Solutions in the continent.

However, like many things, once there is a demand for a new product it also brings a new requirement for technical knowledge. As many generators are often matched to the wrong appliances/applications for their power rating by engineers with insufficient technical skills in the Power Industry. Thankfully, here at CPS we are able to offer expert knowledge on all our generators and power products to ensure that all our customers require the perfect fit for their application.

Built to order – Made to last, even in the toughest of terrains

Our soundproof generators are produced using suitably thick galvanized steel canopies, meaning our main components are protected from adverse weather conditions and designed to be robust. Also, our sets come with a sand trap installed to collect dust and debris to avoid damage to the major components. CPS generators also include high quality oil and coolant to aid the generator in hot and cold start-ups. Our sets are always fitted with a high quality residential silencer as standard and are complete with set mounted control boxes, battery charger, emergency stop, and a mains circuit breaker.

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You will never receive less than the UK Standard

All our sets are manufactured here in the UK in our factories using only UK and EU components; we can offer a bespoke service so you receive a product tailored to your needs. Our sets are all CE Marked with a vigorous PDI inspection taking place on all sets before they leave our factory and a load test of up to 110% carried out as standard you can rest assured your generator will be perfect for your application.

Working closely with a range of Freight Providers we are able to get your generator to you with quick lead times using safe and secure delivery methods.

We are looking for more international dealers to promote our British Brand and Products internationally – if you would like more information get in touch via our website www.cps-generators.com .

Yvonne Andiva
Editor/ Business Developer at Group Africa Publishing Ltd


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