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Crystal Lagoons signs contract with Egypt’s Tanweer Misr on Foukay Bay

Crystal Lagoons has announced a second contract signing with Egyptian real estate company Tatweer Misr. According to the multinational water innovation and Development Company, the deal will bring idyllic beachfront living to the $117m Fouka Bay development in Ras Al Hekmah.

The company is positive that the deal will bring ‘top amenities’ to the Fouka Bay project, by effectively turning houses into waterfront properties.

Crystal Lagoons also claims that the project will add significant value to the development by offering new unique selling points, while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the area.

Carlos Salas, Middle East regional director of Crystal Lagoons spoke of this venture as proof that Crystal Lagoons play an important role in the successful introduction of new and existing real estate and hospitality projects to the market.

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He also added that their hi-tech, energy efficient lagoons are an increasingly popular amenity choice for forward thinking developers in Egypt seeking an affordable, long-term solution for sustainable development.

Crystal Lagoons says its solutions use up to 100 times less chemical than traditional filtration systems, and use just 2% or the energy required by conventional water treatment system for swimming pools and drinking water.

Fouka Bay has been designed in collaboration with Italian architects 5+1AA, and is located along the coastline of Ras El Hekma. The development features a variety of luxurious residences with panoramic views of the coastline, and an 800-metre-long stretch of beach.

Ahmad Shalaby, managing director, Tatweer Misr said that the partnership between the two companies has allowed Tanweer to provide added value based on innovation for both guests and residents. As a result, there is a unique value proposition that has provided each resident a dream beach house, both on the Mountains in Sokhna and North Coast resort of Fouka.

The resort is a two-hour drive from Cairo and is accessible via the newly constructed Fouka Road. It is expected to be completed by 2022.

Crystal Lagoons signs contract with Egypt’s Tanweer Misr on Foukay Bay


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