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Endress presents the ideal ecological complement for diesel generators without any power losses

The off-grid solution with the new energy storage system as promised by Endress Elektrogerätebau GmbH. Greater efficiency, reduction in noise emissions and optimized generator utilization for use at construction sites, bridge renovations or tunnel construction are just some of the results realized with the new energy storage system.

The principle behind it is simple but efficient: When the generator is running, it supplies the connected consumers with electricity and simultaneously recharges the batteries installed in the energy storage unit.

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The key feature: When the unit is recharged, the generator switches off automatically and the energy storage unit provides the required energy. Interestingly, several energy storage units can be interconnected just by using a simple synchronisation cable, which means that the system’s performance and capacity can be expanded as needed.

From less comes more

Up to now, a generator’s power has been designed to handle maximum peak loads. As these occur very rarely, generators frequently run at only 30% to 50% of their maximum power. These values often drop even further at night. A dummy load (load resistor) is normally used to artificially increase the load taken from the generator in order to prevent the generator from running in low-load mode, which can lead to soot accumulation / damage to the engine.

Using the new Endress energy storage system is different: by integrating the additional energy from the energy storage unit, one benefits on another level. The energy storage unit absorbs peak loads and this allows the generators to operate in their performance-optimized range.

Diesel generators can now be designed to be smaller and more cost-efficient. If the decrease in the load drops, then the generator will stop automatically and the energy storage unit will silently feed the consumers that need to be supplied from its batteries. Consumers with a lower load decrease will be supplied solely from the energy storage unit.

If consumers with a high load reduction, e.g. a crane system, are being used, then the energy storage unit will restart the generator automatically and automatically synchronise it to the grid. The two units will then be working together and the power from the two of them will be added together.

Integration of the Endress energy storage unit offers a multitude of benefits as part of our rental solutions – whether for the user himself or for the person renting it. An energy storage unit working in conjunction with a diesel generator will always run within its efficient range. The result: the maintenance intervals will be extended, the fixed costs (diesel) will be reduced and emissions will also be reduced.

This, together with the option of using the energy storage unit as a stand-alone device, makes the Endress energy storage unit solution a sustainable solution. Energy storage combines efficiency with sustainability in times in which future-oriented solutions and green engineering are becoming increasingly more important.

About ENDRESS Elektrogerätebau GmbH

ENDRESS has been bringing real power to international markets since 1914 through production and development in Germany. Being the leading manufacturer in its sector, the company from Bempflingen distinguishes itself through its mobile and stationary power generators, energy storage units and lighting pole systems.

In the product lines, technical capabilities, ambitious further developments and impassioned quality are all channelled into highly sophisticated solutions whose user-friendliness is proven anew every day.

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Yvonne Andiva
Editor/ Business Developer at Group Africa Publishing Ltd


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