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Georg Fischer Hakan Plastik

The Dubai World Islands Project
The Dubai World Islands Project

Founded in Switzerland in 1802, Georg Fischer Corporation operates in 3 main business lines: GF Piping Systems, GF Casting Solutions and GF Machining Solutions. Georg Fischer is present in 33 countries with 57 production plants and 140 companies. GF Piping Systems, the largest business line of Georg Fischer Corporation, is one of the leading companies in plastic and metal piping systems in the world.

GFPS produces system solutions and high quality components for the secure transmission of water and gas in industries, utilities and building technology. Reaching out to over 100 countries with its more than 30 production plants, GF Piping Systems acquired Hakan Plastik in 2013. Hakan Plastik was founded in 1965.

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It has achieved so many breakthroughs as the first company that produced the silent pipe in Turkey and has reflected the importance that it attaches to development and change to its products and services as well. GF Hakan Plastik has two production plants in Çerkezköy and Şanlıurfa. With the acquisition by GF, global GF product and process standards applicable worldwide have started to be applied.

Georg Fischer Hakan Plastik
Emin Caskan – Export Sales Manager

GF Hakan Plastik operates in the fields of superstructure and infrastructure in plastic piping sector. Exporting its products to over 70 countries, the company has 6 sales areas in Turkey. Introducing the Silent pipe (GF Hakan Plastik Silenta FR) GF Hakan Plastik has achieved so many breakthroughs as the first company that produced the silent pipe in Turkey and has reflected the importance that it attaches to development and change to its products and services as well.

Silenta Premium reached a sound-intensity level of 13 dB at 4lt/s flow rate according to the practice-oriented measurements carried out by Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics in Stuttgart, Germany. Depending on the different product trends come forward, regulations prepared for constructions or developing customer needs.

For example, we expect that in the forthcoming period, fire-resistant plastic pipes and fittings will become a vital need in the sector. Depending on the fire regulations, products with these characteristics are preferred in the new building constructions. GF Hakan Plastik Silenta FR was launched according to that foresight.

Silenta FR manufactured in accordance with TS EN13501, DIN4102 flammability and DIN4109 silence standards. This product segment is in compliance with the building and fire regulations. In addition, we anticipate that the use of multi- layer, UV -resistant and oxygen barriered products will increase in PP-R Aquasystem.

Georg Fischer Hakan Plastik
Murat Uçer – Sales Director
GF Hakan Plastik products availability and past projects

GF Hakan Plastik Products are available and are being used in different projects in Turkey and all over the World. For example, the company has been a part of projects in Bahrain, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Mauritius, Azerbaijan, UAE, Iraq, Malaysia, Mexico, India, Serbia, Philippines, Ethiopia, and Tanzania among others.

Efficient Usage in Technology In order to enrich the service quality which GF Hakan Plastik provides to its customers, the company has invested in stock management system. By implementing the WMS (Warehouse Management System), it has increased the efficiency of inventory and logistics management.

Hakan Plastik aims to increase the customer satisfaction to the highest level through management with the right data. The system which is integrated with the existing ERP system is supported by Barcode Handheld Terminals used in multi-storey storage, product collection and shipping phases. With the handheld terminals, the company can quickly scan long distances and read barcodes.

Also it is possible to take instant photos of the products, pallets, shelves and loadings with the camera on the terminals. In addition, quality control processes are followed at many points from the production to the shipment.

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