Grupel supplies project for support of the EXEO Office Campus, in Lisbon (Portugal)

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Grupel has produced and supplied a generator set to support a business center in Lisbon (Portugal), the EXEO Office Campus.

The project is composed by a soundproof generator of 825KVA, with an alternator of Grupel’s brand and equipped with PMG, which allows a quick balance of the group’s voltage, in case of oscillation of the facility’s load.

It is made to operate in standby mode, taking on its role when there is a failure of the regular electrical grid and whenever the photovoltaic panels on the site, which work in parallel with the grid for self-consumption, are disconnected.

One example more that, at Grupel, they develop the intelligence of their products to make decisions in critical moments.

The EXEO Office Campus is an innovative real estate complex, located in Parque das Nações, in Lisbon, with 70.000 m² of offices, divided between three buildings of contemporary architecture and several facilities, such as commercial and leisure spaces, restaurants and green areas.

About Grupel

Grupel is a Portuguese company, founded in 1976, that produces and sells portable and stationary power generators up to 3500kVA, as well as portable lighting towers. Equipped with components from internationally renowned brands besides our own brand, Grupel products are distinguished by their reliability and resistance.

They have the largest production unit of power generators, in Portugal, located in Aveiro – which allows them a great flexibility to produce standard power generators and complex and customized special projects.

They have a specialized team that creates solutions tailored to the specific needs of customers around the world, also ensuring quality services at all stages of the life cycle of their products, from design to technical assistance and supply of spare parts.

Grupel is a brand distinguished by Portuguese consumers with the Five Stars Award and holds the SME Leader status, in Portugal. It is also internationally recognized, being present in over 70 countries around the world.


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