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Good housekeeping on a construction site is not negotiable. When working with cement and readymix concrete it becomes even more critical that surrounding areas are free from spills and build-up, as well as keeping equipment and tools clean, to optimise functionality.

CHRYSO® Green Decap 200 is a new generation concrete stripper, which allows for the easy cleaning of all equipment and surfaces, where both  hardened cementitious and readymix concrete residues need to be effectively removed. It is less aggressive in terms of its impact on both health and safety as well as the environment, when compared to traditionally used acids such as hydrochloric and nitric.

This synthetic concrete stripper dissolves nearly 15% more hardened cementitious based paste, than extremely aggressive substances such a nitric and hydrochloric acid. The special formulation may be used, where cement and concrete spills and stains need to be removed, without damaging surfaces such as paintwork, chrome, coated steel, plastic, aluminum, glass or insulated wiring.

The stripper can be applied with a brush or a spray and is typically left for 10 minutes to react before washing the surface or equipment with clean water. The operation may need to be repeated several times, to remove stubborn residues or stains.

CHRYSO® Green Decap 200’s may also successfully be used to remove laitance and as a final cleaning of exposed aggregate surfaces.This versatile product is an additional offering in CHRYSO Southern Africa’s comprehensive range of products designed to optimise the placing, performance and aesthetics of concrete.

CHRYSO Southern Africa’s sales and technical teams are on hand, to discuss how CHRYSO® Green Decap 200 can ensure that unsightly cementitious-based spills and stains, do not affect a concrete project, while also ensuring that tools and equipment remain clean and functional.