Keeps Projects Moving Forward in the Peach State

Home » CORPORATE NEWS » Keeps Projects Moving Forward in the Peach State, a remote inspection and permit document technology company, is now offering its full suite of services to contractors in the state of Georgia. The Inspected platform offers private provider inspectors who can instantly schedule and complete residential and commercial Plan Reviews and permit inspections for generators, HVAC equipment, pools, solar installs, and roofs – along with many other trades. Inspected aims to enable contractors throughout the state to complete construction projects with reduced costs and time, increased workflow efficiency and improved productivity.

“Project sites are commonly delayed or impeded by the lengthy process of completing traditional inspections – resulting in job sites falling more than two weeks behind schedule,” said Anthony Perera, CEO and Founder of Inspected. “We want to enable Georgia contractors to complete their work more efficiently and at a reduced cost so everybody benefits.  Our goal is to disrupt the inspection industry and help to move projects forward.”

Inspected offers a simple solution to timely, traditional means of project and permit inspections. Rather than waiting for inspectors to show up to a job site, Inspected offers qualified inspectors readily available to remotely inspect the site – reducing costs for municipalities related to travel, vehicles, insurance, fuels, and more. For contractors, remote inspections provide a quick turnaround that allows the project to move forward.

Georgia currently faces an affordable housing crisis – leading to the formation of a $78 million grant for housing investments recently announced by Senators Warnock and Ossoff. With plans to build homes across the state, it can be easy for job sites to fall behind schedule – delaying the availability of homes people desperately need. Inspected empowers contractors to push these plans forward, further enabling the preservation of affordable housing while speeding up the project.

Inspected’s platform is easy to use, helping businesses conveniently adapt to both internal and customer-facing needs. The platform offers a faster, but thorough, inspection process designed to keep workers safe while complying with local codes and ordinances. Inspected can also be used to pass permits in minutes – not hours or days.