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The construction industry is known for being a labour intensive working environment, here we look to show you just one product that can save you time and money. Any advances in products and working practices that become available should certainly be shouted about.

K Form, a UK based company, have developed an innovative new approach to laying concrete foundation slabs. This product was chosen by Wrexham council for their path regeneration scheme, and Liverpool FC during the development of their new training facility, both with highly successful results.

With larger projects such as these seeing the benefit of this revolutionary new plastic shuttering for both time and cost savings, the wider construction industry is now beginning to follow. As a construction industry professional this product could change the way you approach laying concrete foundations in the future.

What Is K Form Shuttering?

Shuttering has conventionally called for the use of costly metal screed rails which are highly labour intensive and heavy to manoeuvre and lay. They also limit the areas that can be laid with concrete as they generally involve the onerous task of stripping, cleaning and re-siting before any more concrete can be poured.  Such labour intensive measures all come at a cost, and with times now dictating the construction industry needs to keep costs down, K Form shuttering offers such a solution.

How Does It Work?

K Form shuttering is a complete quick fit system which actually stays in place, it doesn’t need removal. The easy to remove top rail allows for easy sealing after the concrete sets.

It has a simple click together construction method, with joint clips that simply join each piece to the next. You simply tap down on to the bedding mortar spots using a rubber mallet, down to the required depth. Then you can go about joining as many pieces together as required to complete your job.  Once joined, the area of any size will be stable even at extended lengths. It is highly versatile in that its four way angle joints can be cut simply and quickly with a hand saw and placed to form the exact border sizes required for your project.

There are pre-located anchor holes, so no messy drilling, and a removable top strip for joint sealing, again adding to reduction in labour.

Light Enough For One

It is lightweight and easy to handle allowing potentially hundreds of metres to be laid per hour by a single user. There is no mess or fuss and with no specialist machinery required to lift parts or cut angles, just a simple mallet and saw, it is perhaps the simplest method available.

With the potential to increase pour rates by up to 50%, this easy-to-use alternative to traditional screeding rails has received high praise. It is now a repeat choice for a growing number of builders and contractors, within the industry, choosing to use it again for their next project.

Hidden Benefits

K Form also offers a hidden benefit. It is manufactured from old uPVC window frames. 100% recyclable materials go into creating this innovative product, which helps contribute to your BREEAM rating.  As we look to a world calling for more use of recycled products to save our planet, choosing products such as K Form could be the deciding factor that gets your business the job or contract other those that have not made the change away from traditional metal screeding in their work.

This shuttering is suitable for large and small scale projects and with no need to wait for areas to dry before being starting an adjoining area, the time saving, lower labour cost to site and no time stripping and cleaning will ensure that all construction professionals can get the best value for money and offer faster completion times.