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Kazang to deliver solar-powered homes in Zambia

Kazang Solar has been awarded US $1.6m from Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund (AECF) under its Renewable Energy and Climate Adaptation Technologies (REACT) window

Kazang is the official distribution partner in Zambia for Azuri Technologies, England-based global provider of PayGo Solar Home Systems to rural off-grid communities worldwide. Azuri has been working with Kazang in Zambia since 2016.

The investment will help Kazang Solar deliver affordable Azuri Quad solar home lighting products to more than 7,000 off-grid customers in rural Zambia.

Kazang Solar is one of only three companies to be awarded financial support from AECF REACT, funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID).

Harriet Baldwin MP, DFID minister for Africa, announced the winners at an event in Lusaka, Zambia. Baldwin and Mathew Nkhuwa, Zambia’s energy minister, signed the Energy Africa Compact, a partnership between the UK and Zambian governments and the private sector to support the growth of the sustainable energy sector.

Kazang service more than 100,000 customers per day and have a nationwide footprint.

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The partnership between Kazang, Kazang Solar and Azuri will help the customers in traditionally underserved rural areas to access reliable solar-powered lighting and can also access for the first time a range of digital financial services.

“This is a new development for Kazang and Azuri as both companies ramp up efforts to bring reliable solar home solutions to homes in Zambia,” said Simon Bransfield-Garth, CEO of Azuri.

Home lighting system

Azuri Quad solar home lighting system features Azuri’s award-winning HomeSmart™ technology with artificial intelligence that monitors weather conditions and learns customer usage patterns to adjust output to ensure a full night’s power.

“The fund supports innovative and transformational business models which characterises the Azuri and Kazang approach. Azuri looks forward to working with and providing continued support to Kazang as they deliver life-changing solar technology to customers across the country,” Bransfield-Garth added.

In 2018, AzuriTV was named ‘Innovative Technology of the Year’ at the annual Africa Utility Week Industry Awards, honouring pioneering projects and people in the industry.

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