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Kenya’s Kapa Oil Refineries to install 1.5 megawatts solar power

Kapa Oil Refineries Ltd in Kenya is planning to install a 1.5MW solar photovoltaic (PV) grid-tied system for internal use, joining the growing list of corporate turning to green energy to fuel industries.

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According to a notice from the Mombasa Road-based firm specializing in the manufacture of edible oils, margarine, baking powder, detergent powder, laundry and toilet soaps recently confirmed that it will apply to the energy sector regulator next month.

Permit to install a solar PV power grid system

“Notice is hereby given that Kapa Oil Refineries Ltd will on November 8, 2018 make an application to the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) for a permit to install a solar PV power grid system,” said Florence Njeri, the legal and corporate affairs manager.

Under section 28 of Energy Act, 2006, a firm intending to apply for such licence has to give a 15-day public notice via public advertisement.

In addition to the notice, the applicant shall serve a written notice on every local authority in the area or proposed area of supply and in any other area concerned in the application, according to the Act.

Kapa Oil believes this initiative will not have any adverse effect on public or local authorities, companies, persons or bodies of persons within its environs. It wants anybody with objection to make an application to ERC within the next 30 days.

The other companies that have turned to solar energy include Oserian Flowers, Africa Logistics Properties, London Distillers, Garden City, Williamson Tea, Strathmore University and Tatu City.

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