Lincoln Lubrication South Africa secures Senegalese order for two complete lubrication systems

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Lincoln Lubrication South Africa, part of the SKF Group, has been given the green light by one of the world’s largest producers of phosphate fertilizer products based in Thies, Senegal, to supply two complete lubrication systems for their conveyors.

Joseph Kumwimba, Export Sales Manager at Lincoln Lubrication, explains that a lack of proper lubrication was causing a loss of mining equipment, specifically on the customer’s conveyor systems, which negatively affected productivity and drove up costs due to unplanned downtime to allow for equipment repair.

The Lincoln Lubrication team put in four years of hard work to demonstrate to the customer all the benefits that a proper lubrication system can deliver. “It was a worthwhile investment and our efforts were finally rewarded when the customer gave us the go ahead to supply the lubrication systems,” remarks Kumwimba. “The team’s unwavering commitment and our belief in our product and its capabilities ultimately paid off!”

Lincoln Lubrication’s CentroMatic single line lubrication systems, which will be installed on the conveyor pulley’s heads and tails, will be supplied with an FK1 electric pump as well as SL-1 and SL-V injectors. As the SL-1 injectors are externally adjustable, they present the best solution as not all points require the same quantity of lubrication. “Every lube point can be monitored and isolated for maintenance without disrupting the full system,” adds Kumwimba.

According to Kumwimba, this is the first time that they are combining the Lincoln SL-1 and SL-V injectors with the SKF FK-1 pump. “We are proud of the fact that we are able to deploy two premium brands in one project which showcases the depth and scope of our quality product portfolio.”

The highly efficient CentroMatic single line lubrication system will deliver a host of benefits; in addition to improved mining equipment availability, the customer can also look forward to enhanced uptime, reduced grease consumption and substantial related savings which can be added to the bottom line.

Lincoln Lubrication will be responsible for the installation and commissioning of the lubrication systems and will also assist the Senegalese customer with the necessary service, maintenance and repairs.

Kumwimba confirms that Lincoln Lubrication will present the customer with a short training course on certain aspects of the lubrication system during installation which is expected to commence in November 2020, depending on Covid-19 regulations.