MEKA Concrete Plants Meet the Concrete Needs of HS2 High-Speed Rail Project

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MEKA together with their local solution partner Berkshire Engineering Supplies (BES) is proud to be a part of one of the most important and prestigious infrastructure projects in the UK. Despite the difficulties the Global Pandemic has presented, which includes a restriction on international travel, BES has ensured they are able to serve one of the largest projects of their time.

A Dependable Solution Partner for a project that will Rebalance UK Economy

MEKA Batching Plants has become the number one choice for a number of major construction projects all over the world. Thanks to their valued partnership with BES, MEKA is proud to now be considered a market leading manufacturer for Batching Plants in the UK. Their growing reputation for quality and reliability has resulted in several orders for batching plants in the UK, some of which are being utilized on several high profile construction projects in the UK, which include: Hinkley Point C Nuclear Power Station, Heathrow Airport Extension, and RAF Marham, the new Home of F35 fighter jet. MEKA and BES are also glad to announce that the MEKA will be supplying a number of batching plants for the first stage of the HS2 High-Speed Railway Project.

Serving the best of best

It is no surprise that MEKA has become a reliable partner for many of the major contractors in the ENR list. They have an extensive knowledge-base and adaptability when it comes to specialty and high capacity projects ranging from dams, motorways, bridges, runways, and airports.


More About HS2?

HS2 is a state-of-the-art, high-speed railway which is critical for the UK’s low carbon transport future. It will provide much-needed rail capacity across the country and is an integral part of the rail projects linking the North and South – helping to rebalance and strengthen the UK economy. HS2 will pass through 8 of the 10 largest Cities in the United Kingdom and is the largest infrastructure project in Europe. There will be 32 miles of tunnels, over 10 miles of viaducts, and Best of all, it will also be the largest environmental project in the UK, preserving and investing in nature along the way.

Equipment Contracts for Phase One has been Signed:

So far, 3 x custom-built, state of the art, MEKA Batching Plants have been ordered for the first stage of HS2 and we take extreme pride in being selected for the most prestigious project of our time. Being able to engineer and manufacture the complete project in-house has allowed us to serve the quality and reliability expectations of our customers.

The bidding process for HS2 was long and cumbersome and our production facilities, previous references, and technical details; were all dissected in great detail. We have also competed against many respected global manufacturers, however, the Berkshire Engineering and MEKA solution was chosen as the preferred option, for which we are extremely proud.

A Custom Solution Tailored to Project;

The design process of most infrastructure projects dates back many years before the initiation of any RFQs for equipment. HS2 officially started back in 2009 and the equipment had to comply with a long list of pre-requisites. These pre-requisites stemmed from a long list of conditions, which included; environmental impact reports, local community requests, transportation of raw materials and concrete and the requirement to produce a variety of specialty concretes for different sections of the project and MEKA and BES were able to offer a solution that best meet their requirements.