Plasti-Tech supplies piping products to Usuthu purification plant

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Thermoplastic piping company Plasti-Tech supplied a range of piping, custom fittings and flanges to the Usuthu purification plant. The expansion infrastructure project will increase output by 20 Mℓ/d.

The South African company has already supplied high-density poly-ethylene (HDPE) pipes, fabricated fittings and galvanised flanges, all ranging between 500 mm and 900 mm. These cost them approximately US$ 140,000.

The expansion of project

The expansion of the mega project will hopefully be complete in September this year and will cost a whopping US$ 1.5m.

Plasti-Tech Managing member Brad Chamont confirmed the reports and said that the biggest challenge has been to transport the products. They however supplied the equipment within six weeks of the project having started.

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“We had to transport multiple loads of nested piping to reduce the costs of getting the pipes on site. Owing to the area being undeveloped, we faced a huge challenge,” he said.

Plasti-Tech’s ability

This project nevertheless allows Plasti-Tech to show- case its ability to handle and install large-bore HDPE pipes and its fabricated fittings.

The water purification plant, along with a reservoir and an access road, was first commissioned in 2015. It aims to address the water and sanitation needs of the Nongoma community.

Additionally, it has necessitated the involvement of civils, mechanical and electrical services and supply, overseen by project stakeholder engineering company Isimo Project Engineers, Construction Company Stefanutti Stocks and water treatment services provider Water Purification Chemical & Plant.

About Plasti-Tech

Plasti-Tech provides world class Thermoplastic piping systems and related products to the Building, Civil and Mining, Irrigation, Plumbing, Gas and Water-works industries of Southern and Sub-Saharan Africa.

They specialize in HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) PE100, PP (Polypropylene) PP-R, EF (Electrofusion), Compression fittings and welding products. The company nonetheless focus on providing a comprehensive solution for all related pipe products.

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