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Provide your clients with high-quality joinery by partnering with DAKO

European joinery is appreciated worldwide for its exceptional quality. DAKO is one of the leading European companies specializing in this sector, and it’s constantly expanding to the international markets. What can we offer you as a business partner?

With a rising demand for high-quality joinery, many European companies are gaining popularity worldwide. European joinery is a trademark on its own. The quality of the woodwork coming from the Old Continent makes it a sought product in many parts of the globe. As a result, more and more distributors are searching for European suppliers.

However, quite some have been lately cutting corners, choosing quantity over quality. Since the demand is high, these actions do not have any consequences in practice aside from affecting Europe’s image in a negative way.

Having chosen a different direction, we make sure always to put quality first. Keeping standards high is at the core of our philosophy, together with reliability and transparency.

DAKO on the international market

DAKO is a European joinery producer with over 26 years of experience on the market. Over a decade ago, we’ve decided to enter the international one, providing the companies from the United States or Asia with access to our extended offer. This decision has created new business opportunities, allowing us to grow at an even faster pace.

What do we offer?

DAKO is specialized in high-quality joinery. However, it also supplies its partners with products made with durable aluminum and vinyl. Our offer includes doors and windows. We also produce garage doors, window blinds, and smart home systems. A broad scope of products from different product lines makes it possible to furnish the entire home. Through over two decades on the market, we have worked both with commercial and residential projects. Knowing the specifics of each type, we’re able to improve the offer in a way that satisfies both private and business clients.

To make our products as resistant as possible, we use the best materials available on the market. The wood applied in our doors and windows is resistant to mechanical damage as well as the influence of UV radiation and humidity. The same goes for vinyl and aluminum. When selecting the materials, we also pay attention to the environmental factors, limiting to those that generate a low carbon footprint and are recyclable.

Our priority is durability and resistance, but we don’t ignore the importance of a beautiful design. Looking through our selection of windows, doors, blinds, and other products, you’ll notice that we don’t stick to one aesthetics. Our product designers experiment and test different solutions based on dominating trends.

DAKO in numbers

  1. Our business park covers an area of 26,000 m2 which allows us to cope with a high volume of orders without any delays. With such space, we’re prepared for seasonal rises in demand.
  2. The network of our business partners extends to 51 countries worldwide.
  3. We’re producing high-quality joinery for 26 years already, and our offer has been available abroad for over 10 years.
  4. We are certified with ISO 14001 that confirms the energetic efficiency of our factory complex


What do we offer? Flag product lines from DAKO

Our solutions differ in their functionalities and aesthetics, but there’s something they all have in common – they’re refined to the smallest detail. Which are the most popular and why?


The system of sliding doors with a hidden frame has conquered the hearts of clients worldwide due to its unique properties. The narrow profiles guarantee the panoramic view and give the design a modern touch.

Sliding Doors DA-SkyLine with a Hidden Frame
Sliding Doors DA-SkyLine with a Hidden Frame

You can hide the window frame in the walls, floor, and ceiling. Such a solution maximizes the amount of natural light in the interiors but also improves thermal insulation. The sliding doors are available in different sizes and formats.

Harmony line

For those who look for a harmonic, minimalist solution to implement in their home, the Harmony line will be a perfect match. It includes sets of doors, windows, blinds, and gates that complement each other. The clients can choose among eleven complex compositions made with wood, PVC, or aluminum. They’re available in 5 different color variants.

The Harmony line is fully customized. The client can choose the particular elements of the set, their number and configuration, colors, and materials.

Eunika | Vinyl
Eunika | Vinyl

To facilitate making the customized orders and visualizing the final product, we’ve created an online configurator by which the clients create their own personalized compositions. An intuitive interface guides them through the design process, making it much easier to personalize the order.

Become DAKO business partner

To get access to a variety of high-end joinery, you can join the network of DAKO business partners. All our B2B partners can count on support in the field of training and marketing. We regularly organize training sessions during which their employees can learn more about the product and the sales methods. DAKO provides them also with marketing support, delivering product catalogs, bulletins, and materials necessary during trade fairs.

If you want to join the network, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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