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?Rebuild with Recharger? ?- Free replacement prepaid electricity sub-meters after recent unrest

Recharger Prepaid Meters is preparing to offer free electricity sub-meters to property owners who own sub-meters that have been damaged in the recent protest action and looting incidents.

The company says it wishes to support and assist local businesses with the rebuilding efforts currently underway after the violent unrest that flared up across parts of South Africa.

This is according to Recharger Head of Operations and Administration, Brian Kuhnert, who explains, “We all know that the current COVID-19 pandemic was impacting on businesses creating immense pressure on the economy, and especially for small businesses. The extreme civil unrest incidents that we’ve seen recently, especially across most of KwaZulu-Natal and parts of Gauteng, have only caused further economic pressure. While the costs are still being counted, with early forecasts indicating that it will be in the billions, the impact on the economy has been extraordinarily damaging in the here and now.

“We have seen first-hand what the effect of the violence and looting has been in KwaZulu-Natal. A number of our clients and friends have been personally affected, and many of them are owners or employees of small businesses. The destruction of people’s livelihoods has been disturbing to witness. We would like to reach out and play a constructive part in helping people to start rebuilding.”

Recharger is a leading supplier of prepaid electricity sub-meters, tokens and token vending solutions nationally and internationally. The company has installed more than 200,000 Recharger sub-meters for commercial, industrial and residential clients. Prepaid sub-metering entails having customers buying electricity upfront and using it until the prepaid amount is consumed, thereby assisting property owners in managing electricity consumption and therefore costs.

Kuhnert confirmed that Recharger would like to offer replacement prepaid electricity sub-meters, at no cost, to both businesses and homes that have had their prepaid electricity sub-meters damaged or destroyed in the recent civil unrest.

“We would like to stand behind our community and offer our help in the rebuilding process where we can,” he says. “And so, for those people who have damaged meters and need a replacement, we will do a swap-out whereby they give us their damaged meter in return for a new one at no charge. This applies to whichever meter they were previously using – even if it was not a Recharger product, we will replace the sub-meter for free, subject to terms and conditions. Should there be cases where people need to rebuild a business or home premises, we will ask their architect to specify that a Recharger meter is required in the build process.”

Kuhnert notes that, as stocks are limited, the offer can only be extended as long as stocks last.

“We are making this offer,” he explains, “because, as mopping-up operations continue, we are encouraged to see how communities have come together to defend their infrastructure against mob rule and to engage once more in protecting and rebuilding, rather than tearing down. Indeed, our own Recharger employees have recent personal experience in this regard.

“We as Recharger believe in the resilience and capacity of all South Africans to stand together to rebuild that which has been senselessly and insensitively destroyed. Therefore, please feel free to contact Recharger Prepaid Meters as follows if you are an individual or business owner who could be helped in this manner,” he concludes.

About Recharger Prepaid Meters:

Recharger is South Africa’s leading supplier of prepaid electricity sub-meters, tokens and token vending solutions. More than 200,000 Recharger meters have been installed for both local and international commercial, industrial and residential clients, across any sector requiring utility management, ideal for property owners, contractors and tenants wanting to manage energy consumption more efficiently.

With a comprehensive range of meters, including three- and single-phase, split, wired, and wireless options, Recharger’s prepaid sub-metering solutions are of international standard, as well as being Standard Transfer Specification (STS) compliant. Recharger is also proud to be the first organization of its type to offer a lifetime warranty on certain products.


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