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Toshiba signs Onikoube Solar Power Plant construction agreement in Japan

Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation (Toshiba ESS) has announced in Kawasaki, Japan that it received an EPC services order for construction of the Onikoube Solar Power Plant, in the city of Osaki in Miyagi Prefecture, North East of Japan. The plant is being planned by project owner PurpleSol G.K, an affiliate of Thai Solar Energy Public Company Limited (‘TSE’) which is among Thailand’s leading renewable energy companies.

This large-scale solar power plant is expected to have a generating capacity of 147 MW which is the largest EPC order received by Toshiba ESS so far. The plant is scheduled to go into operation by December 2022.

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Onikoube Solar Power Plant

The Onikoube Solar Power Plant has been planned to be built on a 156-hectare site of a abandoned golf course. The construction plan contains several special construction expertise such as, having the frames placed closer together instead of in the conventional plant designs and the solar panels will be installed at a steeper angle, which makes it possible to install 362,960 solar panels in the area.

The Mega Solar plant will also achieve high-efficiency power generation with design and construction that accommodate the slope of the ground and the regular snowfall in the area. TSE has been operating renewable energies and focusing on the development and investment of utility-scale PV plants in Thailand for several years. It started its business in Japan in 2014, and expanded into bigger scale projects afterwards. Recently, TSE decided to invest in a mega solar project ‘Onikoube Solar Power Plant’ in Miyagi Prefecture with a total investment of US $330m.

This mega project will allow world-renowned energy and specialized energy companies to collaborate on the project. Going forward, the company hopes to continue constructing more industrial-use solar power plants and engaging in many different types of sustainable clean energy projects as they help create societies that generate sustainable innovation.


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