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Are you looking for a much more powerful and complete free online software to coordinate the design, execution and maintenance of a building? Register now and start working with usBIM.browser on large IFC, Revit, CAD, GIS and Point Clouds les and coordinate models and projects in real time. usBIM.browser is the first and only BIM operating system with free functions and BIM collaboration tools to coordinate the design, execution and maintenance of a building.

When you think about BIM, you normally imagine complex and difficult processes which are completely different to the way we usually work… with ACCA software, that’s not true anymore! A UNIQUE work environment to view, federate and manage BIM models (IFC, Revit, DWG, etc.) directly online with any device, organize and access documents and data, share projects with anyone or always keep everything with you without copy, duplicate or send les and without installing any application on your.

IFC BIM Viewer Online Functions

Visualize, create, create and manage very large 3D BIM and openBIM models with a free, powerful, fast … unique online viewer! With usBIM.browser you can freely use different software and le formats BIM, CAD, Point Clouds, GIS, 3D, OFFICE, PDF (DWG, IFC, RVT, EDF, etc.). Visualize in 2D and 3D buildings and other types of constructions (roads, bridges, railways and infrastructures of all kinds). Federate different models and BIM objects in different native formats. Manage all the documents and templates of a project online with ease and speed, even in a collaborative way.

You always have all the data and drawings of the project and the BIM model available from anywhere (in the office, at home, the construction site, etc.) and from any device.

Functions of BIM Collaboration Software

Share data, coordinate activities and collaborate more effectively with your colleagues With usBIM.browser you can easily share data and documents with colleagues: manage all project data, personal data folders and data folders shared with other collaborators online. Collaborate better online with your team, customers and subcontractors. You have a chat and Video Meeting functions integrated with the CDE (Common Data Environment). Manage issues and .bcf files for the resolution of conflicts and problems that arise during the design or execution of construction. Coordinate work in real time by modifying models, checking and correcting errors in 3D designs before they occur, or fixing them faster later. Check the performance of the building or a building (e.g. energy consumption) throughout its life cycle and improve the efficiency of the interventions to be made.

Functions of BIM Data Management Software

Create and manage the construction information system by integrating(/) the 3D BIM model with documents and data to be easily navigated online Manage BIM projects, simple PDF, DWG, DXF les, etc. and all documentation related to the construction (360 ° panoramic photos, textured meshes, point clouds, drawings, documents, photos, scans of handwritten notes, etc.) Associate information and data to the IFC model objects that enrich the 3D model and enable powerful graphic and search filters in the CDE. Attach the different data and project documents to the IFC BIM model or to the model objects in order to and them all in one place in a safe and organized way.

BIM Collaboration Tools

Add apps and functions to usBIM.browser to have all the BIM collaboration tools you need usBIM.browser is a scalable online BIM management system. You can enrich the software features with all the BIM collaboration tools you need. On you immediately see all the BIM collaboration tools already active and those you can add (both in terms of storage space and available applications).