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Axolight presents the new version of U-Light, featuring a sound-absorbing panel to grant a reduction of the environmental reverberation. A perfect solution to combine light quality, acoustic comfort, technology and ecology.

Now more than ever, the psycho-physical well-being of the individual should be the ultimate goal of architecture and design, which must succeed in creating human-centered environments. And in this sense, acoustic comfort is a fundamental aspect. According to the WHO, World Health Organization, excessive noise can cause several health problems, hurts workplace productivity and also affects social behavior. That’s why one of the most interesting innovations for a design aimed at improving people’s well-being is the blend of visual comfort and acoustic comfort in sound-absorbing lamps.

The new U-Light sound-absorbing lamp represents a new perspective on acoustic products. With a thickness of 25 mm, a sound-absorbing factor around 0,6, a fire reaction rate Class B-S1, d0 in conformity with regulation EN13501, the light, resistant and malleable PET panel applied to U-Light can easily absorb high and medium frequencies of typical noises in open spaces.

Its noise-dampening feature has been integrated, so that it gives not only optimal sound-absorbing performance but also becomes a decorative element to embellish offices, halls, restaurants or waiting areas. Elegant and individual, U-Light is a valid alternative to classic sound-absorbing panels to cover walls – reducing the sound, but lacking the appeal – promising a pleasantly intimate and lighting location.

The collection U-Light features two different models equipped with the aluminium circular part and the LED lighting source as a part of the structure spreading a soft white dimmerable light: the choice of LED technology allows energy saving and shows attention to eco-sustainability. Available as ceiling, wall or suspension, in rust-brown and anthracite grey and in four different size, U-Light can create unlimited combinations. All these features, combined with the innate design levity, transform U-Light into a flexible tool to realize set-ups with a very strong scenic impact, particularly suitable for contract and hospitality ambiences.