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YorPower continues to expand into other African countries

With a long established YorPower distributor in Kenya they are continuing to expand into other African countries with new dealerships launching soon in three more African countries.

Africa is an immensely important market for their services and products.  They design products specifically to suit the African climate and are globally recognized for the reliability and performance of their diesel generators and associated equipment to the point where many customers in Africa specifically request YorPower designed and built generators.

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Their engineering pedigree and their continual investment in research and development means they stay ahead of the larger manufacturers, particularly when it comes to adopting new, smarter technology. Recent investment in their testing facilities means they can now test up to 3000kVA machines at 11kV. This new facility was completed in late April 2019 and incorporates a fully controlled environment for noise level testing as well as system controls output.

Present in Africa for over twenty years

YorPower have been exporting gensets to Africa for well over twenty years and there are more than 5,000 YorPower generators working in Africa every day, from Kenya to Nigeria and South Africa to Libya. They have particular strength in Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Sudan and Libya from where their products can be purchased.

Compared to the ‘standard build’ design of the other international genset assemblers, the YorPower genset has many features that would be considered as extras by “the big 3.” They include as standard, a Bunded Base, Battery Isolator, Rental style canopy (far more robust and fit for the African market), Forklift Pockets on all sizes, easily configurable DSE controllers and a 24-month Warranty.

Your YorPower genset will include the right Engine, Alternator, Controller and filters to ensure it is both suitable for conditions and the local fuel which can sometimes be contaminated.  They ensure your dealership staff and engineers are fully trained to support the product effectively on the ground and all YorPower dealers carry the full range of generators and OEM spare parts for full backup and support to local businesses which guarantee the gensets are in optimum conditions.

Advice to customers

One of the huge advantages of being independent, with access to a variety of options for both engine and alternator combinations, is the opportunity for advising customers on what is best suited to their specific application.

It is not advisable to buy based just on price.  Look at a product and compare it to competing brands. Ensure the product has a proven track record and ask for reference lists. Ensure the main components (engine and alternator) have good after-sales support locally, with spares available.

YorPower always advise customers to consider after-sales service.  A warranty is essential to be secure in your purchase and they offer a 24-month warranty.

There are a number of competing brands of generator on the market (CAT, Cummins, FG Wilson, etc) however, rather than focusing on competing with one specific brand, YorPower choose to fill the gaps in the market.

They offer an all-encompassing service from design and build to delivery, installation and support and they custom build generator sets that last a lifetime with very minimal maintenance necessary. They pride themselves on an honest approach, passing on their years of experience to ensure that you end up with the appropriate product for the job.

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Yvonne Andiva
Editor/ Business Developer at Group Africa Publishing Ltd


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