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Tensar International is a world leader and expert in technology driven solutions for soil reinforcement and ground stabilization.
Tensar International supplies geosynthetic products and provides proven practical solutions for poor soil conditions affecting the cost of roads, railways and paved areas. The company also offers products for earth retaining walls and slopes, sub grade improvement and stabilization, foundations, reinforcement of asphalt to extend pavement life and erosion protection products for soil slopes and waterways.
With over 30 years of experience in developing, manufacturing and designing innovative, sustainable construction solutions as an alternative to traditional methods, Tensar geogrid and geotextile products and systems have been rigorously tested and studied by leading universities, independent laboratories and national authorities.
Stabilisation of the ballast layer using Tensar® TriAx® geogrids can substantially delay track settlement, increasing periods between maintenance operations
Railway Trackbed Stabilisation Two Major Applications for the use of Tensar TriAx® Geogrids within the Track Substructure
Reducing ballast deformation through the mechanical stabilization of the ballast layer Poor track geometry and a loss of vertical and horizontal alignment of the rails is a major reason for line speed restrictions and track maintenance work.
These can significantly affect schedules and are expensive and disruptive to the public and the train operators. Track maintenance, involving ballast tamping or full ballast replacement, arises not only on weak sub grades but also on firmer supporting soils.
Mechanical stabilization of ballast, using Tensar geogrids, gives the railway engineer a rapid solution as well as increasing the period between maintenance operations with huge whole life benefits. Tensar geogrids have been used to stabilize track ballast since the early 1980s to decrease maintenance costs and maintain ride quality.
Improving track foundation through the mechanical stabilisation of sub -ballast layer
When constructing track over soft sub grade soils having a low bearing capacity, it is necessary to improve the foundation to support the ballast effectively. This can involve a time consuming chemical stabilization of the sub grade or deep excavation followed by importation and placement of a thick and expensive granular sub-ballast layer. Introducing a Tensar mechanically stabilized layer using TriAx® geogrids, enables a significant reduction of sub-ballast layer thickness for the same bearing capacity.
These results in reduction of sub grade excavation and spoil disposal and much less imported sub-ballast fill, while still achieving the target stiffness value required for the support of the ballast. Tensar has extensive experience in mechanically stabilizing sub-ballast layers, especially in the upgrading of European railway corridors that has resulted in many successful cost-effective installations.
Research shows that tensar geogrids can:
• Reduce the rate of ballast settlement
• Maintain track geometry for longer
• Extend the maintenance cycle by a factor of about 3
• Function in ballast for more than 20 years
• Reduce traffic-induced ballast degradation
Tensar Technology is designed for helping you reduce costs, save time and realize major environmental benefits by solving complex construction problems- simply and quickly. Using proven, innovative technologies, extensive industry experience, expertise and know-how, the company can improve a client’s project’s bottom line.
Tensar has an extensive, world-wide network of manufacturing facilities, sales offices and distributors to provide customers with full support.
Tensar International
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