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Boogertman + Partners Architects
Boogertman + Partners Architects
Boogertman + Partners Architects was established in 1982 in South Africa and currently has 250 employees.

The firm entered Kenya in 2012 by establishing a subsidiary. Notably, the firm was not venturing into a new market because it was already engaged in some projects.

Led by Johann de Wet and Andrew Kusewa and complemented by a pool of talented professionals- urban designers, interior designers, architects and technicians, as well as an in-house graphics team, this small firm has started making bold moves in the Nairobi market and even skyline.

Over the last decade, Kenya has experienced a real estate boom with prices rising rapidly amid high demand from both long-term investors and speculators. According to the Economic Survey 2016, the building and construction industry registered a growth of 13.6 per cent in 2015 compared to an expansion of 13.1 per cent recorded in 2014.

Boogertman and Partners Kenya has grown to deliver projects to completion ranging from retail, commercial, industrial, offices, hospitality, education and residential fields.

Excellence by design

This is the mantra by which Boogertman + Partners Architects practices by and it’s easy to see why. The company has had many breathtaking projects across Africa with one of them being the Iconic Soccer City Stadium in Soweto, South Africa which hosted the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Soccer City Stadium, a massive sports complex featuring terracotta mosaic pattern is based on a traditional African calabash and is seen by many as every architect’s dream. The stadium ranks among the top such facilities across the globe.

Since setting up operations, Boogertman + Partners Kenya has been involved in several projects not only in Kenya but also in other East Africa countries like Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda. The firm has projects cutting across all sectors — corporate offices, apartments, retail, medical, industrial, master planning among others.

“We are a practice that shares a vision for contextually responsible and innovative design, with a dedicated approach to the building process, from project inception to execution”, says Johann de Wet, Director Boogertman + Partners. “That’s why we pride in some of the most iconic projects across Africa.”

+ Partners — Regional Architecture
The studio practices in the region by identifying partnerships with local architects in the region to work in collaboration.

In Kenya the practice has been involved in several projects with UAP Old Mutual Towers and Two Rivers Mall standing out.

“We have registered our presence in Kenya and the whole of East Africa in a strong way through these two projects,” explains de Wet. He adds that being involved in Two Rivers was a huge privilege for Boogertman + Partners because the firm was able to strongly bring out its experience and expertise.

“We begin by designing the experiences they will have, and then the space around this”

Two Rivers mall is the largest lifestyle development in Africa outside South Africa. It has elicited an unprecedented level of excitement among Kenyans curious to sample the marvels of a mall that proclaims to be ‘Two good to be true’. The shopping complex is the in-thing among consumers, attracting about 300,000 visitors in one month. Two Rivers is designed to position Kenya as the shopping hub of East Africa by bringing both local and global brands including Turkish clothing line LC Waikiki and jewellery multinational Swaroski as well as other big brands to the region. It is still in the process of being finished with apartments and a parking silo to complete its façade.

Boogertman and Partners Architects is a founder member of the Green Building Council of South Africa and fully supports the environmentally sustainable transformation of the built environment. With increasing concerns over global warming and the pressures of sprawling urbanism, the firm, through its integrated design approach, is committed to creating and developing sustainable environments that are low energy consuming, efficient and flexible thus encouraging an optimally healthy lifestyle.

According to de Wet, Boogertman + Partners is committed to practicing green and sustainable architecture and is a member of the Kenya Green Building Society, the leading green building movement in the Kenyan market that ensures buildings are designed and built sustainably. “We know the various sustainable tools and that is why we are committed to green designs and projects,” he states.

Human centred design
Boogertman and Partners Architects recently rebranded with emphasis on individual collaborative strengths that all members bring to the table and to create human centred designs.

Currently, Boogertman + Partners is involved in a project that de Wet is extremely proud of the ‘Wangari Muta Maathai’ House. The magnificent house is envisaged as a living memorial of the life of Wangari Maathai who became the first African woman to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for her work as an environmental activist and national leader. The intimate facility will enable visitors to understand her commitment to human rights, environmental conservation and promotion of peace.

The circular building which will have various facilities has been termed as a “beautiful, poetic and integrative” work after it won the WAF 2016 Future Project – Culture award.

“The initial stage of this project is pro bono work and that is why we are proud it has already won the WAF award,” avers de Wet, adding that Boogertman + Partners has won many awards over the years.

The new face of Boogertman and Partners Architects is focused on Human centred design; Boogertman and Partners Kenya is running a CSR project with a preschool/feeding programme centre in Mathare Slum, Ngong titled TUSEMEZANE. The firm is looking to design classrooms and a play area for the kids.

Boogertman and Partners continues to script its story and presence in the region — It has to be us with them.
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