Developing Key Success Factors for a Sustainable LPG Business in Tanzania and East Africa

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Tanzania will host the Africa LPG Summit from 3-4 July at the Mlimani Conference Centre, Dar es Salaam for the second time.  It was first held in Tanzania in 2016. This year’s platinum sponsor is Oryx Energies.

The 6th African LPG conference and exhibition will include a vibrant exhibition of 80 companies and a dynamic conference agenda focusing on the East African region over two days.  This event is endorsed by Petroleum Bulk Procurement Agency (PBPA) and World LPG Association (WLPGA). Entry is free and online registration is open at

As LPG is proving itself to not only be a healthier and more environmentally friendly fuel, it is also now proving itself to be cheaper and more economic than charcoal  – at almost five times cheaper.

“We are very pleased to endorse the 6th Africa LPG Summit in Tanzania and are looking forward to meeting with the local and global LPG industry and discussing on key challenges and opportunities in the sector.” said Erasto S. Mulokozi, Ag. Executive Director, Petroleum Bulk Procurement Agency, Tanzania.  Tanzania government officials from the Ministry of Energy and Environment have  also been invited.

Key themes that will be discussed:

— Driving Economic Growth Through LPG Skill Transfer, Knowledge Sharing For All Stakeholders And The Empowerment Of Women

— How can we enhance further the opportunities needed within our communities to ensure a sustainable business and a successful community?

— A tough financial environment can create opportunity – Ensuring the market quality and sustainability in Tanzania and East Africa through key success factors

— Innovative uses of LPG in Tanzania and East Africa

— Technology as a means to boost safety and access to LPG in Tanzania and East Africa

A special Cooking for Life workshop will be led  by Michael Kelly, Deputy Director of World LPG Association (WLPGA). Cooking for Life is the association’s flagship initiative in terms of development. The goal is to convert 1 billion people from cooking with biomass to cooking with LPG by 2030.

“I think it is timely for LPG Summit to go back to Dar Es Salaam to help promote the benefits of clean burning LPG for environmental and health reasons. Communities, government, the global and local LPG industry working together to ensure viable economic growth is the key to growing the industry and promoting the benefits of using this exceptional fuel” said Michael Kelly.

The Summit seeks to proliferate the use of LPG at a time when it has become economically sensible for the majority of users who are still using traditional fuels to switch over to LPG. The benefits of using LPG has far reaching implications and has the potential to save the lives of millions and improve the quality of life of many millions more causing ripples that will benefit future generations like few other lifestyle changes can.

The LPG Summit will also promote the use of fuel for cooking, heating and power generation. LPG is the fuel of choice in emerging markets and LPG Summit is the platform that will bring the people, the government and the businesses together as Africa enters a new phase of development like never before.