First ever solar for development conference in Namibia

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Electricity Africa, the event and publicity subsidiary of RDJ Consulting Services, a fully-owned Namibian enterprise working under the branding of Electricity Africa, is expected to host Namibia’s first ever Solar for Development International Exhibition and Conference on October 13 and 14, 2016 at the Windhoek Country Club & Resort.

The event which will venture mainly into showcasing existing practical solar projects in Namibia that show how the country is utilizing solar power to achieve national development and effective delivery of services. The main relevance of this event is anchored in its opportunity to raise awareness so as to demonstrate and showcase current achievements of the country and the wider world.

According to Lahja Amaambo Senior, Advisor Renewable Energy at RDJ Consulting Services the event will offer an opportunity to showcase the capacity and potential that solar energy can bring in terms of development. “This event allows for the clear demonstration of the potential that solar energy development can bring. This is apparent in the number of projects completed to date that are helping to meet electrification and modern energy services as well as the Harambee Prosperity Plan and Vision 2030 amongst others.”

He said they believe that the government should work together with the private sector so as to steer the country forward. Consequently, he said, it’s crucial to consolidate all sectors in society under one roof as to cerebrate on the success achieved and deliberate on how to move forward.

Electricity Africa has expressed confidence that the event will offer a networking opportunity to debate and deliberate on technical, policy and financing issues, including topics such as the impact of solar on health, gender empowerment, ICT and education among other. Running concurrently with the conference, the exhibition will display and demonstrate the latest technology applications.