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The Building Performance Egypt Conference 30 – 31 January 2023 Cairo Egypt

Like many emerging economies, Egypt faces the challenge of maintaining growth, keeping costs competitive and safeguarding the environment. Adding to this complexity is the country’s dependence on energy imports. Although Egypt is among the top 25 largest oil producers in the world, and generates a significant amount of natural gas, the country still imports much of its energy needs.

The Egyptian community in its path for rapid development is endeavouring to make all necessary and appropriate measures to enhance the efficiency of energy utilisation and increase the beneficiation of the energy resources. The energy production, transmission, distribution, and utilisation efficiency become a vital factor and measure of national development.

Governmental organisations were established earlier to be responsible for energy planning and efficient utilisation, information dissemination and capacity building as well as devising the necessary codes and standards.

The Building Performance Egypt Conference is taking place on 30 – 31 January 2023 in Cairo, to create a platform for the key players in the Energy Efficiency, Sustainability and Retrofitting sectors in Egypt.

Egypt has a great opportunity to improve the efficiency of its energy resource utilization across all segments of economic activities. The objective of this Conference is to take stock of the past/ongoing energy efficiency initiatives and activities and to recommend a set of the principal strategic actions which could be undertaken by the Government of Egypt to promote and sustain energy efficiency improvements.

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