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Wood Expo Nigeria 2021 review

The second edition of Wood Expo Nigeria 2021 was recently held in the country shinning capital: Abuja. Themed: Forest To Wealth, the expo brought together stakeholders in the construction and forestry sectors to examine the untapped wealth Nigeria is currently sitting on without any clear-cut policy direction. Below is excerpt from the Expo:

The second edition of the Wood Expo Nigeria 2.0 was organized by Design & Dwell Associates, Forestry Research Institute (FRIN), Forestry Association of Nigeria (FAN), Processed Wood Products Marketers Association of Nigeria (PROWPMAN), Lagos State Forestry Services, the Nigerian Institute of Architects (NIA) Abuja Chapter in collaboration with the Raw Materials Research and Development Council (RMRDC) at Sheraton Hotel and Towers, Abuja.

1. The participants commended the organizers of the Expo and called for its sustenance as
an annual event.
2. The participants noted and acknowledged the enormous investment opportunities
inherent in forest resources of Nigeria.
3. The forum noted the increasing environmental threats the country is facing as a result of
forest depletion and the need to map out effective strategies to mitigate climate change
4. The Expo noted and commended the Raw Materials Research and Development Council’s
initiatives of proposing to jointly establish Wood Technology Park for training of Wood
Technicians and the proposed mass plantation establishment across the country for
sustainable provision of raw materials for the wood and wood products; pulp and paper
industries, as well as for environmental protection.5. The Expo applauded the Nassarawa State governor for offering the International Trade
Fair Complex at Mararaba for furniture cluster that had fire incidence at their present
location in Abuja.
6. The Expo noted and lamented that there is currently no certified forest in Nigeria, which
query the legality of forest resources at the international market.
7. The Expo noted that the National Forestry Act which will support the implementation of
National Policy is yet to be approved.
8. The Expo noted the need to include forestry in the curriculum and teach as a subject at
secondary school level with a view to inculcating forestry and environmental consciousness
to our younger ones.
9. The Expo observed the need for more aggressive promotion of the Nigeria’s forest
resources in the international market.
10. The Expo observed the need for more inclusion of our local forest resources and cultural
values in our architectural designs.
11. The Expo noted the need to encourage sustainable local technology in exploring the
potentials of wood in Nigeria.
12. The Expo observed the need for more pro-active synergy among all government agencies
and relevant stakeholders to sustainably manage Nigeria’s forests.
13. The Expo observed that there is lack of accurate statistics on forest, timber production
and trade in Nigeria.
14. The Expo noted the enormous investment opportunities in bamboo production in Nigeria
and that it can be grown in all states of the federation.
15. The Expo observed the serious insecurity in our forests and the need to checkmate it by
the security agents.
16. The Expo observed the need to work closely with the media in promotion of potentials of
forest and forest products in Nigeria.

1. The relevant stakeholders should join hands with the drivers of the Expo to ensure
continuity as an annual event. Similarly, relevant government agencies were enjoined to
institutionalize the event by making budgetary provisions in their annual budgets for the
2. Other states in the country should emulate Nassarawa and Edo States in partnership with
Wood Expo to develop the value chains in Nigeria’s forest sector.
3. The participants call on investors to take advantage of the enormous investment
opportunities inherent in forest resources of Nigeria.
4. The general public and relevant stakeholders should invest and play active role in trees
planting projects.
5. The government, professionals and relevant stakeholders should pursue development of
National Standards for forest and forest products certification in Nigeria.
6. The Expo called on relevant authorities to fast-track the process of approval of the National
Forestry Act for implementation of National Forest Policy.
7. The Expo recommended the inclusion of forestry curriculum in the National Education
Policy at primary and secondary school levels.
8. The Expo recommends the inclusion of local forest resources and cultural values in
architectural designs, construction and built environment.
9. The Expo recommended the standardization and improvement in indigenous technologies
in exploring the potentials of wood in Nigeria.
10. The Expo recommends that the Federal Ministry of Environment should champion the
coordination of relevant stakeholders for more pro-active synergies in sustainable
management of Nigeria’s forests and development of forest products.
11. The Expo recommends more pro-active measures to protect Nigeria’s forests to attract
investment in the sector.
12. The Expo challenged the National Bureau of Statistics to be more proactive in data
collection on inventory and trades in forest resources to ensure reliable data.
13. The Expo called on investors to take advantage in the potentials of bamboo as an Export
commodity as well as income and employment generator.

Arc. Bose Idegbesor FNIA Suraj L. G.
Convener/CEO H.O.D. Wood & Wood Products Div.
Wood Expo Nigeria Raw Mat. Res. & Devt. Council (RMRDC)

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