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The poll shows what people have to say about China and its interest in Africa. China has been both vilified and praised in almost equal measure by those polled for its aid support to Africa. Some have said that China is following the script of the colonial era that saw most of Africa put under colonial rule that oversaw the pillage of her resources while others have praised the massive infrastructural developments that have opened up the continent to business by providing roads, railways, air and sea ports as well as hydro electric power stations.

Those who support China’s assistance to Africa have termed it as an opportunity for Africa to gain valuable skills and expertise from the Chinese, and also an opportunity for local contractors to develop capacities. Furthermore, some have said that China delivers good and durable projects at an affordable cost for Africa for example the TARAZA Railway line.

The others see the support as a way to confuse greedy African leaders as they treat Africa as a junkyard for their sub-standard products. They also term their loans as bad debts that Africa won’t be able to repay; ‘it’s a web of slavery that will eventually lead to Neo-colonialism’.

One thing that seems to be echoed through the comments made is that there is a dark cloud looming over the horizon over the debt burden that Africa is accruing and the risk that we are mortgaging Africa’s resources and reducing future generations to servitude to China through massive borrowing that exceeds our ability to pay.



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  1. The assistance from China is good and is not different from what can be got from any other country or agency. It is the recipient countries’s leaders that misappropriate the funds they borrow from China. When funds are borrowed that have interest payments that will be due in addition to capital repayment, the funds should be used for income generating ventures and not for consumption or white elephant projects

  2. Its a total burden on Africa as the terms put up only help China economical but its a modern terms of slavery to African Countries.

  3. China like most of its European and US competitors must approach business more ethically with the socioeconomic development needs of Africa in mind. In any investment relationship there are expectations and interest of participating parties and these interests must be balanced. African countries are grappling with the infrastructure development challenges that must be addressed, High unemployment rate, inequality and poverty; however most African countries are endowed with mineral wealth and resources which attracts the likes of China; so Africa must be equal to these relationship and ensure that not only mining and export of their mineral resources happen but that they are beneficiated in Africa to create down stream industries into manufacturing so that skills and jobs can be created to enhance the quality of lives of the people of Africa. Finished goods and products from mineral resources will enhance foreign income for Africa which will assist to uplift poverty. Taking out 100%% of Africa resources by the Chinese and others in exchange of building roads , rail and at times irrelevant infrastructure by the experts and contractors from China, totally ignoring local content by Africans is criminal at best and should not be allowed. There must be an illustrative benefit to Africa and its people for any transaction or deal struck with the Chinese or any Western Countries. Enough is enough for Africa to lag behind other Nations whilst it resourced with the worlds mineral wealth.

  4. There is no free lunch. If one understands this, would be able to take appropriate steps to ensure the African Gen Next do not end up spending their lives in repaying the debts……

  5. Lots of facts & truths in many of the above comments ,yet I can only agree with some ,who also believe & have experienced the freedom given through being self sufficient & the control it affords in guiding or deciding ones own self determination & fate.
    Mining, international soccer stadiums, assembly plants..& assistance, are not going to afford us the control of our own abilities & resources(?) that would by enlarge see industrialization ourselves & thereby helping to afford first world recognition & status( I think it good, if at least one African country would realise this, should that be the beneficial goal to all )?
    Of course done/ implemented with the utmost respect & consideration to our & all environments? Not going to happen with “C….” at the helm, currently continued.
    Alas, I continue , the fool I am, to remain positive.

  6. Whichever way you vote, you are actually voting on democracy. The majority have voted to put the current administration into power and that gives them the authority to do these deals. That’s the problem with democracy….. all it takes is 1% to rule the rest. And let’s face it, if it wasn’t Chinese funds then it would be someone elses. African countries don’t have a choice because they don’t have the funds….. All they have is land and natural resources

  7. China itself was a creation of /beneficiary of technology and skills transfer from developed countries of the west and Japan when the moved there in such of low labor costs. The West (developed) countries invested in them through training and building of manufacturing hubs. Now that they have been empowered, we don’t see the same reciprocated in their funded projects in Africa. They award funds in the project taken by own Chinese companies and arrive will categories of labor to execute the project. We have seen in many projects, truck drivers who Chinese – African labor is reduced to spectactors watching constructions happen at their doorsteps.

    Secondly, they are offering cheap money (either low interest or long repayment periods purposely to unfairly compete with traditional western financiers. In this respect, they have increased appetite of greed African Leaders who end up wasting such funds. The west had mechanisms of reprimanding African Leaders who engage in waste of borrowed funds- we don’t see any of this with Chinese funding system- they have a motive to own Africa if it fails to pay its debt.

  8. Assistance is not forced on anybody and so any assistance is welcome as it goes to alleviate certain deficiencies. The areas I have noted the effect of Chinese assistance include roads, railways and housing. These are critical if the potential for our own growth is to be realized. It is important to note that the Chinese carry out works to international standards without bias unlike the west who not only downgrade the level of technology to be transferred but insist on so many conditions some of which have little to do with the project in question. There may be some drawbacks in the loans advanced by the Chinese but the overall effect has been positive as can be attested to by the exponential growth experienced since the advent of the Chinese interaction with Africa. The west prefer to give donations through foreign agencies that have no technical capacity to carry out any works, a habit which promotes corruption and lead to expensive white elephants but Chinese develop capacity to boost trade through high level multi skilled sector interactions. It goes therefore that the Chinese assistance has been good to Africa.

  9. Assistance and ones acceptance of it is not a bad thing.However, we should not look at China as the culprit in this matter.Africa is rich beyond measure.It is simply our lack of foresight and commitment for the greater good that makes us economic slaves therefore We MUST begin to create economic independence by INVESTING proceeds from our natural resources back into our own countries in a clear and transparent manner.This would create Jobs allowing industry to flourish.Why should China build our roads when we have our own engineers who can do the same.what is the purpose of educating our children ,building them schools and Universities that must prepare them in fields that would develop their nations….For some reason China,s assistance seems to come with ulterior motives and a truck load of corruption.They would gladly exploit us as the west did.We cannot be that blind and fail to imagine the outcome!

  10. It is very disturbing in that china is a capitalist state organized by a communist party.Internally,china has provinces which are free to plan for their own development competitively.The provinces of China can compete with other provinces.That means,in dealing with Africa,provinces of china are not differentiated with china as a Nation.That means the land Property relations between the individual Africans and that of Chinese in the assistance or interaction is to the benefits of Chinese.On the other hand,Chinese companies are taking tenders with African loans from international institutions,with no benefit to local African companies.Chinese Goods are flooded in African markets,Chinese investments in Africa shows Africa is loosing.Under such a situation I believe the assistance is negative to africa ,need property relations be clarified in the assistance for both long tern and short term to be good.

  11. Before the African countries allow other new countries to interfere and abuse from their resources, same as the European counties did during colonization of almost all African counties and still are doing until these days, African counties must erase the big number of frontiers between them and unify into maximum 3 (three) big countries. Then they will no longer be in need of China neither other foreign countries to neither use nor abuse their wealthy resources.

  12. Everything rises and falls on leadership – whether in a household setting, school, workplace, community and nationhood. China’s relationship with the African continent depends on how we, Africans, choose to deal with them. If our countries’ leaders have a true developmental agenda for their respective countries, then China is god-send. If not, China is just another neo-colonial appendage on Africa’s side. On a personal, entrepreneurial level, we need as citizens of our continent to think on how we can spot needs and gaps in our communities to meet them up by using this Chinese-African business relationship and make money while at it. Thus, China – Africa co-operation is neither good or bad; just what we make of it.

  13. Chinese commercial and economic development and investment into Africa over the past two decades have ramped up immensely in recent years. Chinese Companies have fervently bid fo for lucrative industrial, tech, financial and commercial contracts throughout Africa, with great success, won by any means necessary, against the best competitors in their field thus securing a hard earned Chinese foothold on the continent over the past decade or two.To understand that the Chinese have won a contract, great or small, one needs to understand their culture, their drive, their final objective. A deal won, is not just a deal. Government Leaders, heads of State, Executive Committees of Large Corporations, and those who truly wield the power over the “deal” will be lobbied by corresponding heads and government representatives from China and corresponding Chinese company or vendor. Whilst” THE DEAL” is being concluded, another set of negotiations are being made for massive investments into infrastructure upgrades , education, and necessities which the continent as a whole desperately need. There are other levels of investment or shenanigans that no one will ever truly know did they or did they not, so let’s just set that aside. The “DEAL” is secured and deployment commences. Masses of Chinese workers are shipped in to implement the project start to finish, they hardly speak English, most are as I have been told from prison camps in china, they are given a bowl of rice and a place to sleep during their work contract in the African Country, and little economic generation is derived from these poor workers as they earn a pittance, they are essentially working in Africa, to escape staying in a Chinese prison camp. Another deal is being done which we will only know about many years later. Each Country ( they know who they are ) have one by one sold their water rights to China for economic gain, Mineral rights have gone the same way… If you have a sea port, are you sure your government have not already sold it to China? .. China’s long term strategy is to Live, Be Powerful and Have total and complete Global Control. Control Communications, Water, Sea Ports and mineral rights and you basically own the world.

  14. China policy of copying western capitalist model is enough that their assistance to Africa is not unique.In fact it can be worse because they are themselves learners of how capitalism can help build china.The model of assistance is dominated by the market approach,with use of low tender price offer as dominant in Construction sector as well as commerce.The Road and Belt initiative is a commercial approach that is dedicated to Chinese exploitation of world resources including African resources.Then what I can say is that Chinese business with Africa is that of undermining Africans with Chinese not Africans as the most benefice of the interaction.

  15. China has had a positive and a warm welcome to AFRICA because of its commitment to funding projects from start to completion.
    Chinese government provides all the necessary support to its nationals in construction worldwide ensuring that projects are planned, executed and completed without African government’s interference. the western countries would give grants which end up in peoples pockets hence project’s death unlike china.

  16. Mzungu has been “urinating” on us for more than a century.What is there to shoe for it?Lopsided priorities and haki yetu nonsense on the streets when the majority have no jobs and food. Because of imbibing Mzungu mentality, labor productivity in Kenya is so we cannot produce anything competitively.Chinese civilization is more than 5000 years old; ya Mzungu only 2000 years old.So who is smarter than the other? But for some strange reason, the descendant of HAM really wants to worship the the slave master who happily bought his forefathers as commodities

  17. In the same way that the S.A. ruling party is currently killing whites and removing them from their own country – the Chinese are planning to do the same to the remaining black population.

  18. You may say what youlike. but tell me, How many years will it take Africa Union leaders to connect us together as Africa to increase commmerce and other business interest among our selves. Not everybody like the idea of crossing the Meditteranian sea to link Europe for instance. Besides, We generally have rulers not leaders. Where are such leaders like Nkrumah, Awolowo. Our Universites are not Research Centres. Countries hadly have budget for Research and development. What some call R&D is ridiculous, and they are poorly funded.

  19. Every nation on this Earth works so hard to ensure they are far much better than they are now in coming years ,the continued support from china to our African nations only put them to better tommorrow ,we only need to be much careful with their said genorisity this guys have hidden agendas you need to be smart for you to fight smart person

  20. You cannot beat the Chinese, so why not join then?
    In Tanzania, over 50 years ago they built the TAZARA Railway line from Dar es salaam to Zambia in a record 5years!
    They were a third world country ten.
    Now instead of emulating the Chinese we lament day and night about their “invasion” of Africa.
    It is simple, the Chinese copied the West, we copy them, hopefully we might get somewhere.

  21. I personally don`t see anything wrong with getting Chinese Loans especially for developmental projects as long as the terms are fair. The only challenge we have is that of a poor bargaining power during negotiations. However, we are left with no option at all but to leverage some of our state resources. I think its very unfair and uncalled for to be blame China for our own inefficiencies and in-competencies. Why cant our politicians shoulder the blame. China just like Europe or America enter these deals with, of-course with their own selfish interests. African should stop walking on their sleep and think American or Europeans loans to Africa are the panacea to our development quagmire. Its only a matter of perception, we have been fed with poison for far too long to think that Chinese are the worst. Funny enough some African countries to date are struggling to pay off the loans from IMF and World Bank whose interest rates are so huge. Beggars are not choosers! Lets accept it, the tables have turned. China s now a force to reckon with and lets embrace them cautiously of-course.

  22. OUT THEY MUST GO. ZUMA has been paid to have Chinese classified as BLACK? No wander our population can find no jobs due to Zuma’s support to them. Which China person/company pay tax.

  23. China only working their interest & garbling Africas raw material. Currently China executes more huge construction at Africa but no any value to African peoples b/c all labor are China. Therefore, no transfer of knowledge & all projects based on debit from China banks. In generally, China, if we see on UN decision by any issues China neutral, this means China has no place for other nations.

  24. If you do not like China to invest, which other country is going to invest. Some very rich countries already refer to Africa as shit hole countries and when they invest, thier money comes with a lot of conditions attached. China has not stolen any resources from Africa unlike some great powers who have been taking our resources for centuries for free. China never practiced Slave trade. Yes China’s investment is very good.

  25. China has been stealing African oil and minerals for pennies on the dollar by giving loans to African nation’s which they know they can’t pay back which results in default. Also Chinese migrants are flooding into Africa unchecked. This needs to be stopped.

  26. Well any help should be for mutual benefit. There is no point in granting loans for the projects and then employ your own (Chinese) companies, use your own
    equipments, man power etc. Indirectly you are giving funds in one hand and siphoning it off by the other hand back to your country. Also there is no one to
    check or certify whether the equipment or the quality of the work/construction executed is of international quality standards. In this regard if you notice any
    financial assistance by ADB or WB; will be very clear in the terms of using of funds, quality standards,open international tendering process, selection criteria,
    compulsory involvement of the local companies, services etc, quantified final results/ benefits to the receiving country etc etc. There will not be any hidden
    cost or agenda which could land the already poor economy which is receiving the loan into a deeper economical crisis/debt trap etc.Help should be real help
    and not a trap.Let the donors have genuine interest in the welfare of the African people and economies.Best Wishes to Africa. Let Africa grow and roar louder
    like the Lions of Africa.God Bless.

  27. Good. Of course china products do not have good quality, but china assistance is needed to have marketing in Africa. The people of Africa can have on latest developments on electric, electronics and regular consumable products due to entry of china marketing. These products from china are of competitive rates compared to international market.

  28. It is up to African leaders to make sure that they achieve great economic benefits for their people when dealing with their Chinese counterparts. Chinese labor is only needed when we can not find that skill in Africa. If it is mineral resources that they want, overloading a nation with debt is not a win-win solution for the country having the resource. A win-win, transparent solution would be 1 billion dollars worth of mineral ore extraction, for 1 billion dollars worth of infrastructure development, with the cost of extraction left to the Chinese and not included as part of payment. That way cash poor but resource rich African countries can monetize their resources in real time.

    But, if you look to history, there has also been a long history of trade between China and East – Africa dating as far back 202 BC, and please remember that China strongly supported African Independence Movements. Whereas, we all know the character of western imperialist colonizers. . CHINA NEVER COLONIZED US OR ENSLAVED OUR PEOPLE.

    On a different note, the time for removing the spell of worthless inked paper for use as currency, currently pushed by the capitalist imperialist colonizers has come. It is time to use the vast African Mineral Resources (AMR) as currency. It is time for the “AFRO” an African continental currency backed by AMR indexed funds driven by the nationalized Mineral Industry of Africa (MIA) under the complete control of an African Union Central Bank and member states. It is also time for the full adoption of the CFTA to begin the last stage of complete African liberation. We began as the Organization for African Unity, and became the African Union and we are aspiring to become the African Union Federation through the implementation of the CFTA, nationalizing our mining industries and eliminating the use of worthless fiat currencies.

  29. Without China’s support and frequent aid to African countries, some economies would have collapsed. However, most people feel as if China is benefiting more than the countries it helps. Well, for me, I think it is a win-win situation.

  30. China is doing business, not assistance to Africa….the Chinese have not given any worthwhile free grant to Africa… China is gaining more than African as their loans attract an a big interest.. This is not assistance from China, this is China doing business with Africa…please don’t confuse the two..nothing for free from China… I am yet to see them run philanthropic organisations in Africa. This is BUSINESS WITH AFRICA and am sure the profits are good for them,, not to mention poaching and stealing of African resources by the Chinese

  31. Assistance in itsself is not bad, but the manner in which the assistance is coming and the unknow plan of the assistance.
    For example we Cameroonians don’t need thousands of Chinese nationals coming emasse to do what? Manpower we have.

  32. China of course has its own interests at heart when investing in Africa as does any country. The fact is that Africa needs the investment. Most often I find the problem is not China or any other investor but Africa and its leaders firstly not fully understanding the terms of the investment/contract (and perhaps in some instances not caring) and secondly not ensuring that the terms can and are fulfilled to the letter! Its like running any business. There should be checks and balances along the way as well as a safety margin built in. I am in the logistics business and the same principles apply. Plan for the unexpected or worst case likely, and ensure it doesn’t get to that. That way you meet your promises and expectations.
    We as Africans need to ensure we negotiate the right deal at the outset so I say “invest China, we welcome you, but on equitable terms”.

  33. EGYPT had the high Damm in Aswan built many years ago they are still very poor and getting worse mainly because the population has quadrupled. Africa is destined to increase its population also instead of leaving their countries good for everyone around the world.

  34. I don’t see enough proof that China is not working on a hidden agenda just like our ANC. There are still too many cases where their promises of creating jobs were not kept. Their interest always comes first, and working in a continent where the majority of people struggle with an average IQ of just 70, you can read between the lines very easily!

  35. “YES, FOR AFRICA; CHINA IS RIGHT.” copy and pasted. Its nice to such such a wonderful write up. Thank you John Kavoi

  36. China is doing good business for Africa and we can learn a lot from them. Their loans and grants are not tied with politics and colonial mentality like those from the West. If our leaders stop corruption, our continent will take off like China’s economy did

  37. Factually Placed, China is doing an excellent, appreciated, Good and durable Job; Full of the Right Strategy and Expertise at an affordable Cost to Africa. This is Improving a lot, Creating/Converting some Worthy Assets from those neglected, Liability areas. Too, ‘China Within Africa’ is fast dealing in development Project like Roads, Buildings and Dams, that seen enormous yet for them, they do achieve within a Targeted, Estimated and Placed Timeline. Too, I have Noticed With The Chinese Project Managers, they Only Place at Certain Posts their Small Technical Team to ascertain of the Rightful Project Progress; Leaving the other areas to be filled by the enormous, Jobless Africa’s Population, upon being taken through the needed Skill Training. Surely, this Cooperation between Africa and China is Worthy, and need be Sustained, even brought closer with more Identified Projects, for It has greatly Improved Africa’s Structural Perspective, Economies and Delivery. “YES, FOR AFRICA; CHINA IS RIGHT.”

  38. Provided it is a two way street whereby both Africa and China wins then fine, investment is needed. The EU and US have their own agendas too, and have proved less then reliable in recent times. However, Africa must not be subservient in its contractual relations with China.

  39. The Chinese is not helping , but they are doing business , that is of need in Africa, It is our prism of thought towards the action that determines our thought pattern towards the deeds and in turn determine how we position in the transaction. They are lending to you what you need ,FUNDS, you can negotiate the terms of the loans , but when you see them as helpers you are not able to negotiate the transaction like any other business transaction.
    We have to see these people government or private companies as business men and they are in this for their own interest and negotiate your own interest, when the two interests are satisfied the transaction becomes win win, you do not later say this guy did this and that if they are doing what is negotiated.

    China Exim is modeled after the US Exim , they are there to promote the export of goods and services of their country. you can state in the contract what materials can be used in the project
    You can state that a certain percentage of the project would be done by local content as is being practiced now in some countries.
    You can evn state that the whole project be done by your own country men and supervised by the Chnese, but chinese equipments is a must because that is the premise of such loans, Alternatively you go to the open comercial market and get your own loans and give it to whom you want and buy the materials from where you want.

    Chinese will make 5 times the profit in the project when they are financing it or more , but if they are not financing it they can do with 100%, they believe in bribing government and its officials in Africa so they have built in all parties bribe and commissions before they award the loans , call it whatever you may the west do the same only in a more refined way, they have been doing it for generations, the chinese are new comers to the game so they do it in a crude way.

    What is the way forward, African leaders and their officials who negotiate must first be honest with their countries and self, then negotiate with a clean heart and patriotism , then whether Chinese or Malaysian or Japanese and Americans or Canadian or Europeans they will treat you with respect and dignity, but if all the people involved are there for their stomach and not for the country , forget getting a good deal , you will be shortchanged by your own leaders.

  40. To be honest China assistant to Africa very bad.There is no skills transfer and the mentality of the Chinese is slavery in our country.all the assistance is done in favour of the corrupt leadership and safety is also a big consent.No adherence to safety rules and regulations and governments don’t care when fatalities occurrences happened.production is going on on the expense of the safety of workers.No Training and low wages to our people.working for Chinese is slavery and time wasting.

  41. It’s very simple to explain coz majority of African countries are developing countries so China’s influence to our continent is a great chance

  42. There is no kind of assistance. Is a form of investment to benefit their own, not Africans. They provide lots of loans with massive interest rates and failure to comply with payment terms results to a form of slavery.

  43. CHINESE are now classified as BLACK – under instructions by Zuma. He got paid for that. Why have CHINESE not changed color?
    Hence THEY taking over all our business opportunities, AND NEVER PAY TAX. Proof exists that they the CHINESE are invading Africa to their fullest intend, as currently there are in excess 60 million of them here. African JOBS ARE taken over by them. They Donate fraud money to senior Government sections in tenders.

  44. It can’t be good when a ‘donor’ gives you something and brings along his/her children to feed from the same gift. In this century which illiterate African needs a horde of foreigners to do basic work for them? What’s new anymore that our labourers, engineers and other professionals can’t decipher? Has secondment and technology transfer failed?
    We are just back to Berlin 1884. And because the Chinese see how sleepy our leaders are, they are busy making hay before we wake up, looting Africa. Point of correction, our ‘leaders’ are not asleep. They parcel out our resources to foreigners in a dubious bribe-riddled manner. We the common people are taking too long in our slumber. If we don’t rise up, no one else will. Unless we have another motherland stored up somewhere for our progeny.
    1. Djibouti
    2. Zambia

  45. Foreign capital investments and aid is needed in Nigeria to close the infrastructure gap which reduces our potential for economic development and meaningful occupation of our “teeming” large young population. The conditions China sets for these funds are in no way less favourable than those offered by western “sponsors” and intenational agencies like IMF or Worldbank and the Chinese loans are- till date- not associated with political “good conduct” in fields of “unspecific human rights” defined by the West! However the danger of the Chinese “taking control of our infrastructures they have invested in”, when the loan and aid receivers cannot pay back the loans as agreed, should not be underestimated.

  46. It would help if many of you would name the Chinese companies that is causing most of the problems, there are
    hundreds of Chinese companies during business in the
    53 African nations, some good and some bad. There are
    European and American companies in the continent some are good and some are bad. Volkswagen is planning to build a plant in West Africa, no one will say that Germany is building a factory in the area. In the future please name the companies that you are having problems with and not their

  47. China is in one’s view, is an undercover colonial, wanting to take a slice of the colonial cake. ‘One billion plus’ potential invaders. Africans are peaceful and trusting in nature and the historical result of this was Slavery, destruction of Africans’ true Identity as Kebulanians/Ethiopians, and the erasing of the continent’s people’s glorious achievements to include religion & speech, and most if not all of the Inventions & innovations which all have their foundations in Africa, which we all take for granted & enjoy today. Africa has been invaded countless times over millennia up till modern times, therefore its about time African peoples run their own affairs, but only with invited peoples on our their terms. (A warning from history). Despite having historical links with past colonisers, they always overlook Africa in International affairs and innovative progress. Africa stands alone! But we should also not forget that we are all Africans as nature dictates. The continent is always depicted as being a charity case which is sad. Factual information has to be made available to educate the masses that Africa is not poor, it needs investment, innovative cooperation and to maintain sustained growth to compete fairly.

  48. Truly speaking chaina’s are working in africa for thier future development as well as to take over and to control the world economy. This is the fact, how ever Africa working with chaina’s is advantges , our coneinent culdn’t cop app or go with other convenients economy. So moving forward one foot step is better than stopping. But we have to hard worker enough and we have to use our intelligences exsugstvely to take shorten the time being self developer or mutual beneficiary.

  49. Whereas generally speaking any assistance is good but Chinese assistance, comes with a hidden agenda of a heavy financial payback often, tied to projects financed/developed by Chinese. If a poor African country cannot afford to pay for the projects then the Chinese will seize the country’s strategic assets-a sea port, an airport or train service, then employ Chinese workers to recover their assistance directly. Thereby creating an infinite circle of poverty and deprivation especially poor taxpayer citizens starting from the short-term. This situation is compounded when you add the fact our own few corrupt Africans encourage the Chinese to fund and implement the projects so they can also get their “cut”. Good Morning Africa.

  50. China is a great benefit to Africa, borrowing conditions are good flexible and win win situation.

  51. What China is doing is play a sleek game of slowly and gradually own Africa in the long run. They are the richest economy and they are using the position to ‘invest’ in Africa with the ultimate target of having Africa choke on the loans, and because Africa won’t be able to pay back (thanks to out corrupt leaders) they will eventually take chunks of Africa as payment for the loans (Zambia for starters). African leaders embrace foreign investments and technologies because they are bribed, they should instead help the African initiatives thrive, but very little or none is invested in any home developed projects and this is exactly what China wants.

  52. I have few questions which will help in understanding if China’s assistance is good or bad.
    1) What is the repayment terms in these deals? Nobody knows…
    2) Do the Chinese company employ locals for these project? No, even the labors are from Chinese jail..
    3) Any job creation for Africans in these mega projects? No
    4) Material for constructions are procured or made locally? No…All materials used in these projects are coming from China.!! So how it is helping our economy?

    Fact is, it is creating jobs for Chinese and we are boosting their economy by using substandard, made in china products. Africa has become a dumping ground for low quality Chinese products. On top of everything the repayment obligations is putting us under massive debts which is almost impossible to recover from…They will dictate their terms and take away our ports, airports and natural resources for their strategic defense and economic interest…Look at SGR in Kenya. They have made it mandatory to ship all containers through SGR. Sri lanka had to handover one of their ports to China on lease for 99 years to repay the debt. Same in Zambia and Maldives. So my suggestion is don’t be fooled with the catchy phrase like- “China’s assistance” . They are not assisting you, they have their own interest in it.
    Rather we should focus on how we can develop skills, create employments, boost our industries, attract more investments from private sectors.

  53. Chinas assistance to Africa is a good thing because through their infrastructural development through construction of good road network and others like bridges

  54. affordable quality services with long term repayment offer making it possible for African countries to be less burdened

  55. The Chinese are cheats. They can never give without taking back so much from any place they find themselves. They want to be able to secure large projects in Africa under the guise of assistance. They cannot give what they don’t have. Reason why Chinese companies are the poorest in workers’ salaries and welfare in the world.
    African leaders should stand up to the challenge of good leadership as the Chinese are not better than us.

  56. forget the politics, China is Good for africa, the problem arises from our leaders who are not sincere, look at what is has happened in the last ten years all over africa, you cannot say the Chinese are bad, we just need to sort over priorities and take advantage of the Chinese assistance.

  57. Extremely bad….the debt repayment obligation will put the entire country on stake.
    Wake up guys…take a lesson from sri lanka who ended up handing over a port to china on lease for 99 years because of the debt..OR Maldives where every individual Maldivian owes $8000 to china…!! This will take you to economic slavery..

  58. never seen anything like that. even the Colonialism was more human. The Chinese they fart and then shit on Africans. let them go back. close the chapter.

  59. they don’t transfer any knowledge to African engineers or experts, this make us slave to them for any big projects.Also some projects can be done by Africans if we send the abroad to acquire these skills and those who are well experienced.

  60. Good. Up to this point. However relationships between persons should be given time to grow. In order to ensure there is check and balance, projects should be implemented step-wise in a phrased manner (considering the life span of the joint project), thus ensuring that issues that require to be dealt with are handled appropriately and the idea of taking the other for granted is kept in check. If left open-handed things can go wrong. There is no free lunch.

  61. i voted Good. But that was not what I intended. it does not represent my opinion about the havoc the Chinese are causing in Africa

  62. if china investment AFRICA received . its good sure Africa will benefit . they are investing in core sector industries and infrastructure . their Approach is different because of the socialist Nature . they will consider local populations interest .that is the most important thing .core sector industries is foundation of a Developing Nation .the other things are all natural western propaganda

  63. The western countries have always been mean with their aid especially where infrastructure is concerned. Let us be honest with one another that roads in sub-Saharan Africa were in a deplorable state but with the help from our friends; the Chinese, quality of lives in most countries has improved. What we need is accountability only! The west are jealous and they are doing their best to paint a bad picture about Chinese investment in Africa. I do not understand people that are talking about China buying this and that country. Where on earth has that happened in the modern era?

  64. Chinese companies and equipment suppliers have really spoiled the African Market and people too. They are dumping bad quality product and services at a price which is even lower than the actual raw material cost of the product, they are just doing corner cuttings, manufacturing below par quality and putting sand in eyes of customers. Really pathetic

  65. They are already taking over our beloved country, Zambia. It is stated that the Government owes them Usd billions, hence entitling them, the Chinese to effectively own our country. They MUST be kicked OUT immediately. No further contracts to be awarded, and prevention of massive bribery.
    They are moving into Africa, with intent to one day own it.

  66. BAD. GENUINELY = They are invading our country, and stealing all our assists, which they use to build up their force in China. Already 60 million are living here. So we MUST stop them.
    Financially they advertise big support – yet that is false , as it merely impresses public , particularly some Presidents who uses this, as a wish to stay in power.

  67. There is no hope for Africa while we still depend on Fiat Money. The Americans print the Money and the Chinese earn it. They then spend it on Africa by buying it. Zambia has been bought and I guess next is Mozambique. Africa will start speaking Chinese sooner than later. Mobile Money was discovered in Kenya and has grown popular as a source of accountability and cleaner electronic Money. Instead of embracing it as a new form of money to fight all forms of corruption through accountability governments are instead adding tax to the transactions. There is more hope for the colonialists than for Africa.

  68. Chinese assistance to Africa is good and timely. It is good because Africa’s traditional development partners are no longer able to provide the level of input that only China is able and willing to provide. Chinese intervention is timely during this time when the country is on the verge of becoming the next superpower and global economic giant. However, there is always a bad side to any good thing and I think in this case the downside is the flooding of African countries with cheap Chinese products. The net effect of this could be the killing of local industry in even the most basic items with the attendant high unemployment, negative trade balance, and lack of industrial development. It is impossible for local entrepreneurs to compete with Chinese goods and services.
    It is a complex situation which needs a complex solution. Instead of African leaders spending time looking after themselves, they should be addressing the issue of the impact of Chinese ‘invasion’ on their respective countries and how best this can benefit their countries now and for future generations.

  69. There should be visible economic development in the locality in which the Chinese are working but this is not the case. Even at country level, the GDP should show some improvement, again this is not the case. Surely a loan of US$60 billion should be felt, but it never is. We may blame the Chinese to kingdom come but the truth is we are to blame. The Chinese contractors don’t pay taxes in the African countries in which they are working. For example, the Chinese contractor who built the standard gauge railway in Kenya should have been one of the highest tax payers, but they were not! All of us would love to earn and not pay tax!!

  70. They are invading our country including rest of Africa. Forecast 2020 there will be 60 million of them. They steel assists in all business sectors, bribing GOVERNMENT MINISTERS, promise massive loans – which they do not give, but bribe for additional projects. Negative facts are massive , too much to insert here.
    So all genuine South Africans must arrange to have them, the Chinese kicked out of our country before they become the major population.

  71. Beggars cannot be choosers, however, we must have some dignity. China has not forced any African country to get loans, its the Africans who go begging. The Chinese are simply doing business with willing partners. The claim about substandard work is misplaced. I have not heard of buildings or bridges collapsing in China due to poor materials or workmanship. The poor quality of Chinese work in Africa is caused by the corruption of the Africans supervising the works. A Chinese worker will carry his food up a crane and stay there from 7 to 7, the supervising engineer arrives on site at 9 am, takes tea, walks around leaves for lunch at 12:30 and does not go back for the rest of the day. The Chinese worker has targets to meet so he cannot seat around doing nothing while the African supervisor is away.
    When the Africans go to China to negotiate for the loans, the contingent is mostly composed of politicians, no technical people. If the Africans want a railway, the Chinese will offer to build and finance the railway and for good measure throw in some obsolete rolling stock, simply business! However, the money never actually leaves China. The contractor is paid in China. The materials are paid for in China. THE ONLY MONEY THAT COMES TO AFRICA IS WHAT THE CHINESE MEN SPEND ON TWILIGHT GIRLS!

  72. This discussion about China’s investment to Africa is similar to the debate of whether colonization of Africa was bad or good for a previously primitive Africa when the Berlin conference in 1880s apportioned the continent with some good reasoning on the part of Europeans arguing they had the duty to bring civilization in the forms of (i) religious conversion of Africans into Christianity- believing Islam and Tribal Religions (dubbed animism) were not good enough; and (ii) literacy enlightenment (schools and formal education for science and technology)– by then it was only Egypt that was at par with European type of education system (recall: University of Alexandria, etc)- the rest of Africa being totally illiterate (save for Quran scholars on the Indian coast (Malindi, Zanzibar, Kilwa, Sofala) and paintings like those seen in the caves of Kondoa Irangi). It is argued that they did that in exchange for Africa’s natural resources as badly needed raw materials for their factories. In order to facilitate that process of extraction, they had to introduce new crops, modern ways of farming and constructed some communication infrastructure: roads, railways, ports- and of course a coercive governance system. In less than 100 years of colonial rule Africa managed to put their acts together, thanks to the second or third generation of “formally educated” Africans such as Gamal Nasser, Kwame Nkrumah, Lumumba and Nyerere, to demand for political freedom of Africa from colonial rule. I see like the history of Africa repeating itself, with the second scramble for Africa disguised in several forms. The only difference now is that when some African countries agree to sign for EPA with the European Union they at least know medium and long term consequences of that actions, when Africans adopt GMO seeds into their agricultural systems they also know what it means to their indigenous seeds, and of course, when African countries accept loans with outrageous conditions, they also know what they are doing. It is not like our forefathers who surrendered the sovereignty of their Kingdoms under the barrel of guns (against arrows!). The good thing with the Chinese is that they have an official policy on Africa which makes their stance on the continent predictable. Those who care to read the Chinese Official Policy will understand that if some of our leaders decide to accept conditions with bad terms then they do intentionally. You will will rarely find anything to justify blaming China on what is going on in Africa at the moment. China has opened its market to more than 800 items (raw and processed/manufactured) but very few Africans take advantage of that. It offers thousands of scholarships to Africans each year (of course just like Europeans did and continue to do). China, unlike Europe, believes in Africa’s agricultural green revolution and industrialization and has provided support for that. China don’t have any official policy to bring its laborforce to do manual work in Africa. When Tanzania differed with the terms for building a Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) offered by China and opted for other sources, the friendship between the two countries was unshaken. The Chinese respected our decision, and continued to support Tanzania in other agreed areas.

  73. Very soon China is going to control of all Africa countries economically and politically because of the bad and greedy leader we have, they are taking control of our Ports, Railways,Airport, Power generation plants, Roads etc, very soon we are going to be forced to use chines currency and chines language will be a national language watch the space.

  74. China has a motive behind the financing of Africa. It is fine Africa is being developed to meet the world development, but politically it is a risk.

  75. These guys called chinese are just good for nothing fellows whose aims are to steal from the brainwashed black sheep(africans) because what we are loosing to those fellows is much, much more valuable than the fake, poor quality goods they think they are pouring unto africa making many africans to neglect our own manufactured goods for chinese good for nothing goods.
    These guys are stealing from us during day time when we are all seeing.
    these same puppets are stealing our own ideas indirectly with fake partnerships and sholarships.
    AFRICANS WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. ….initial trust in relationships begins where? who should let down their guard first? do i show up waving money or weapons? how often do i get what i expect? am i in business, or am i giving away valuables? think! think! think! ….cosmic/peace…. sulaiman

  77. Initial trust is essential for any relationship. Frequently expectations influence outcome. Someone must cast the first bread crumb in order for returns to come to anyone; besides the implicit rules of thumb…. business is business, and advertising costs must be overcome in order for business sustainability…

  78. China is just but after Africans resources,poor structures done which wont last for long.people employed with minimal salaries and that wont sustain somebodies social needs.Africans engineers taken for granted paid small salaries less of truck drivers .you are overworked with manual jobs in addition to office works too.Jobs that comes from this guys are not life changers…we will suffer forever if china comes hard on us AFRICAN ENGINEERS.

  79. China is doing fine in Africa. All countries around the world are looking for their interest and of course Chine is willing to secure African resources. But, Africa is in need of so many projects realization and is suffering from a lack of financing resources despite the tremendous natural resources that are being exported, proof that present African resources buyers are not making fair to have the funds of their purchase reaching the exporting countries and used for their development. In this game, welcome to China that is really realizing projects…

  80. Agree with Esther – completely.
    Eventually the price of China’s “assistance” will prove to be far too high.

  81. The mentality of most Kenyans is getting things for free. Every thing has a price and we must have learnt that by now and the smart people who invited China to run their business used common sense.Its A joke to agree or not to disagree as some of us have huge cars which have been produced in other countries. So applying prejudice on who does what in Kenya will only bring the usual undignified mentality to life. There are other things Kenyans could do including myself to run their matters and help the underprivileged without paying a dime.

  82. Assistance in itsself is not bad,but the manner in which the assistance is coming.For example we Africans don’t need thousands of Chinese nationals coming emasse to do what?Manpower we have.All we need is a clique of very qualified Chinese nationals to orient our local manpower in various projects in terms of skills,thereby improving their expert.China is busy offloading rejects into African countries while eyeing our natural resources! This is an acceptable! And the other thing are the loans African countries are getting from China,I forese trouble ahead and the future generations will pay the highest price.Remember, China not very long ago was classified as a third world country,but today it’s among the super powers and a country that never colonized any other country.Therefore,it’s doing as a country everything to enrich itself through these bilateral ties,agreements,loans to make sure it benefits from Africa’s natural resources!They are very smart people!

  83. Not getting it twisted,China is in business for the benefit of China. I dont blame them though coz they are doing it for their own interests,we are the ones running there to ask for loans that we are eventually going to fail to pay . Its a web of poverty that we are spinning ourselves into. Same old slavery,different masters.

  84. the only problem is taking up all business and leaving Africans with no job to do. they are also manufacturing synthetic foodstuff if what is circulating in the social media is anything to go by. let them assist just like Britain or the USA.

  85. There is no kind of assistance. Is a form of investment to benefit their own, not Africans. They provide lots of loans with massive interest rates and failure to comply with payment terms results to a form of slavery.

  86. I think China is doing business with Africa in the name of assistance. In addition, the contracts are not well thought out by our brothers in Africa. We a contract in Kenya on the standard rail gauge railway built between Mombasa and Nairobi where we will retain Chinese train drivers and stewards for 10 years! Here is a country from where Kenya pilots fly Kenya Airways planes from Nairobi to New York in the US on a daily basis. So what is so difficult in driving a train or serving passengers on a train.

  87. Other sources of funding, provide back-up to their projects. For example a “performance bond” that guarantees the initial delivery and construction will be done on time, to specifications and within budget and if the initial contractor fails the bond pays for the cost to hire the next contractor. In addition other countries provide “products-completed operations” liability coverage so that 10 years after the project is completed and the original contractor is out of business the liability insurance company will correct the issue. I have not seen this cover offered by China. Finally when repair parts are required the manual are in the local language rather than Chinese and a local person will be able to repair and a specialist from China does not have to be hired at a high cost and long delay.

  88. Any inward investment needs to benefit all stakeholders. That includes the broader community and the country generally. It is also critical that Africa is not seen simply as a map of resources to be exploited. Chinese investors, like all other foreign investors, should approach the participation in the African economy as a long term proposition. This means sharing of skills and technology and not excluding other countries from the same opportunities. Longer term sustainable investment is the objective. Hopefully the government’s of the countries being invested in can maximise the benefits to their countries as a whole. This may seem a simple task, but history shows good governance and management of a countries resources is still highly problematic in Africa.

  89. The assistance China is giving to Africa is good as its cheaper and with less baggage than that from western nations. What really lets us down is the government that has not set up policies to reap maximum benefits from the cooperation. I would expect the government to make laws that force any international contractors to form consortiums with local contractors so as to develop capacities of local contractors and encourage technological exchange.Corruption is what bedevils African states and the chinese are using this to accrue most of the benefits.

  90. The Chinese assistance is excellent and timely, however misuse and abuse of the support and loan facilities advanced to Africa by our leaders is worrying and unprecedented. The problem is not China aiding Africa but our leaders being dishonest, corrupt and untrustworthy stewards of such funding.

  91. It is our weakness as Kenyans . The problem is not the one who brings support. It is those that receive and how it is used. We need to exercise integrity and humanity. Everyone pays back that support.

  92. China is not assisting anyone! China is in a business to develop itself and use all available partnerships and resources to achieve that. African countries need to learn how the Chinese got where they are after just about 50 or so years. There are various positive attributes that can be learned from the Chinese, apart from ordinary financial and material assistance!

  93. Diversity is good in any development, and China can never be worst than other previous partners Africa has had in the past. A novel way can only be a plus because it makes the environment more competitive. African individuals and government should just learn to better defend their own interests, in dealing with whoever the partner might be. Africa should not allow its traditional partners to be paternalistic towards her on this issue when they are themselves partnering with China for their own interests.

  94. China should instead start heavy manufacturing here at home to create employment for the many unemployed youths instead of giving us very big loans with many strings attached. For instance they give us loans and still they are the beneficiaries through contracts.

  95. China takes advantage of Africa’s under development and packages grants,loans in a manner that further impoverishes the continent and allows Africa to be indebted to China, sheer neo colonization.

  96. let china allow africans to think be industrialised and attain wealth not to corrupt them to get tenders so that

  97. The assistance from China is good and is not different from what can be got from any other country or agency. It is the recipient countries’s leaders that misappropriate the funds they borrow from China. When funds are borrowed that have interest payments that will be due in addition to capital repayment, the funds should be used for income generating ventures and not for consumption or white elephant projects

  98. how ever the assistance should be structured in such a way that the money being loaned to Africa 50% should be spend in the country in order to stimulate the local economy. They should buy some of the products or requirements from local industries.

  99. I think China is a great beenefit to Africa. Exchange of skills and loads ot cash for development!

  100. There is a lot of disguise China is doing in their assistance because you can’t say you are helping someone and bring all the resources from your country only. They just want to look like a good Samaritan but actually there are not, what they are doing is a bribe to our already corrupt, greedy leaders. In actual fact they are out to take all our resources to their country.

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