Difference between a concrete batching plant and concrete batching tower

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Difference between a concrete batching plant and concrete batching tower

Concrete batching plant It consists of system and structural components such as feedstock, storage, batching, mixing, discharge control, and all concrete aggregate silos are placed on the side of the mixing machine for the production of concrete machinery.

Concrete batching  plant workflow
The difference between concrete batching plant and concrete batching tower

1. The aggregate transportation process is different: the aggregate batching tower of the Concrete batching tower is above, and the aggregate is directly into the mixer after metering; while the aggregate silo of the mixing station is below, the aggregate is required to pass the inclined belt after metering (also used in part) The hopper) enters the mixer after delivery. To put it mildly, it is called the tower for the advancement of the aggregate, and the station for the second progress.

2, the handling is not fast: the concrete batching plant structure is easy to disassemble and carry. The Concrete batching tower can only be used as a fixed mixing device, and is usually suitable for large-scale hydraulic engineering or high-yield commercial concrete supply.

3, the input and output capacity is not the same: because the concrete batching tower’s aggregate silo is on the top, the steel structure will be relatively large, the diagonal belt will be relatively longer, and the initial equipment input cost is relatively high. However, in terms of output rate, the yield of the mixing building under the same conditions is about one-fifth higher than that of the concrete batching plant.

4. The equipment composition is different: the concrete batching plant is mainly composed of five major systems, such as mixing host, material weighing system, material delivery system, material storage system and control system, and other ancillary facilities. The concrete batching tower aggregates the aggregate measurement with the concrete batching plant, reduces the four central links, and is the vertical blanking measurement, which saves the measurement time and thus greatly improves the production power.


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