Visa SpA supports Africa’s economic growth offering a suitable product 

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Africa today is still in great demand for electricity generation caused by the frequent blackouts. Powering the needs can be a challenge when you are located in one of the world’s most extreme environments where counting on quality product operation in such an environment is critical.

Not all gen sets are created equal and nowadays, more than ever before, there is the need for customers to ally with high quality partners with a proven reputation able to supply a high quality product, above all in areas where the absence of standardized quality control regulations remains a key challenge.

While cost and price are always essential, companies and end-users also tend to prioritize after-sale services and support in the decision-making process.

In this context, Visa Spa has long made a determined effort to underpin Africa’s economic growth supporting projects and in areas such as mining and energy, telecommunication and infrastructure developments, deploying the generators across many African countries ranging in scale from 13.0 to 2500.0 kVA.

Cricket Series, basic structure machines

Combining market requirements with need of different power application, Visa SpA has recently launched a new range of generators, the Cricket Series, basic structure machines.  This range comes exclusively with Perkins/Fiat Iveco and Stamford alternator equipped with Deep Sea control panel, offering high performance at an interesting and competitive price.

All the gensets face the harsh environmental conditions they are expected to work in. Canopy and baseframe sizes have been optimised to reduce shipping costs so that the highest number of units can be loaded and stacked in standard HC containers.

According to the General Manager Marco Barro, “Visa SpA’s strategy is to manufacture a product suitable for every specific region and Africa is no exception, where quality cannot be compromised and cost remains a factor, in ambient conditions that tend to be very challenging. We are always seeking new ways to help our customers benefit from cost savings and professionally manufactured products.”

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