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10 Home Improvements That Are Not Worth The Expense

Many people have the goal in life of buying their dream home – except it’s nearly impossible to find a house that perfectly matches yours and your family’s needs. That’s what home improvements are for!

Well-planned out Home Improvements can make a house more comfortable, improve efficiency, and maximize space. Besides, certain remodeling projects can also enhance your home’s curb appeal and boost its market value.

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It’s no secret that home renovations aren’t cheap. That’s why it’s crucial to ensure that you’re spending your money wisely. In this post, we are sharing some home improvements that aren’t worthwhile.

  1.   Extravagant Wall Mural

An extravagant wall mural will surely look fantastic, but it doesn’t suit everyone’s taste. You might not even like it in a couple of years. Bold wall murals may also make your space look smaller and overwhelming. It would be better to go with colors and patterns that can be easily covered up when required.

  1.   Highly Customized Built-In Furniture

Built-in furniture is often space-saving, but you should avoid making it highly customized. Instead, go with freestanding furniture that won’t limit the versatility of the room. This will help future buyers envision different uses for the room.

  1.   Going Overboard with Tech

Smart home installations, such as CCTV cameras and controlling different appliances with your phone are quite convenient – though going overboard with smart home upgrades is probably not a good idea if you’re planning to sell your home in the future. Traditional buyers are usually not comfortable with complicated home tech.

Have new smart devices inflated your electricity bills? It’s time to compare electricity providers and switch to a competitively priced plan.

  1.   A Complete Luxury Kitchen Renovation

There’s no denying that a kitchen renovation will likely improve the value of your home, but do you need to over-spend on a complete luxury renovation? No. You can easily create the kitchen of your dreams by upgrading a few elements. It’s cost-effective and practical.

  1.   Outdoor Dining

When you spend most of your weekdays at work and go out on the weekends, constructing outdoor dining tends to be a waste of money.

  1.   Designer Wallpaper

Did you know the luxury fashion house ‘Gucci’ also makes wallpaper? While there’s no doubt that designer wallpaper is extremely chic, the cost is still difficult to justify. Also, wallpaper is nowhere near as durable as high-quality paint, particularly if you live in a humid climate, edges may start separating from the wall and will need fixing.

  1.   Trendy Fixtures

From high-end bathroom tiles to trendy fixtures, many first-time homeowners get caught up in trends. The thing about trends is that they will soon go out of style – then you are stuck with an outdated bathroom. Alternatively, you should stick to chic fixtures that will age well.

  1.   Just Renovating Few Rooms

Don’t make the mistake of spending a huge chunk of your Home Improvements budget on constructing a master en-suite bedroom and leaving the rest of the house as it is. Upgrading the entire house is a far better investment.

  1.   Personalized Walk-In Closet

Did you always want a Carrie-Bradshaw-style closet? Converting a spare room into your fashion closet and glam room is a savvy option. We would suggest furnishing the room with standalone wardrobes and racks, rather than installing in-built closets. This will make it easier to convert the space back into a spare room.

  1. Getting Rid of Antique Features

Many home buyers are eager to get rid of antique features when it comes to Home Improvements, though you could try embracing these elements. You may think that these old features will bring down your home’s appeal. You can make them work with the right decor. A talented interior designer can help you decorate around these features.


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