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Painting is one of the critical factors in determining the look and feel of any space. Whether you need painters for interior painting or exterior painting, you should hire experienced and qualified painters.

McIntosh Painters has been providing painters in Melbourne for over 30 years! These professional painters have a reputation for delivering top quality results on every project. They undertake painting projects for homes, office space, retail shops, restaurants, hotels, and more. Taking pride in every job, the company offers guaranteed workmanship for 5 years, so you know your investment won’t go to waste!

Today, McIntosh painters provide some expert tips on how to go about hiring the best painters for your painting job.

1. Consider the type of paint you need

There are several paint types available on the market today, so consider the type of paint you’ll need for your job. Water-based paints have become increasingly common for residential and commercial painting, offering low odour with easy cleanup. They’re also quick drying and eco-friendly.

But, this is not always the case as some jobs may require an oil or solvent base due to specific characteristics such as durability and flexibility. Make sure when hiring painters that they know which paint type will best suit your requirements.

Oil-based paint is more expensive than water-based products, but it produces stunning results. It also has excellent adhesion making it perfect for high traffic areas.

2. Estimate how many square meters will be painted

This is not as tricky as it sounds. Once you have a rough figure, discuss with potential painters how many square meters they will be able to paint per day. In general, though, one painter should be able to cover up to 20-30 square meters in a day, depending on the specific details of the job.

3. Research the best painters to find one that suits your budget and needs

How do you, research painters? The Internet is the best place to start as you can easily compare prices for painters in your local area with a simple search on Google.

Check for reviews on painters that seem like they might be good. See what other customers have said about them. Another place where painters often advertise is on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter or local trade directories.

You can find painters near you by typing the name of your city with the word painters after it into the Google search bar. For example, Melbourne painters will give you a list of all the best painters around the area. Start searching the results until you find some great ones that suit your budget and needs via contractor comparison sites.

4. Ask for references or testimonials from previous clients

Always ask painters for references or testimonials from previous clients before hiring them. If painters have a lot of positive reviews online, it is good. They probably do outstanding work and satisfy customers.

If painters do not give you any references to call up, then move on to the next painter – no matter how attractive their prices are!

Reputable painters will appreciate this direct contact with their former customers as it means that you are serious about hiring them.

5. Check out their website and social media accounts

When you have a few names of painters, check their website and social media accounts, such as Facebook or Instagram, to see if they appear professional. Look at some of their past work – avoid painters who are just starting!

If painters have no website or any online presence, it is usually a red flag. They are probably not serious about business.

6. Request a quote, then compare prices with other companies before making a decision

Get quotes from three painters to complete the project. The painters will provide you with a free quote and an estimated time frame for completion. You can then compare painters to decide which one meets your needs best.

Consider the price and other factors such as experience and availability. Most painters will need at least two weeks notice before starting work. So allow for this. Make sure everything you discuss and agree on is written down!

Make your final decision based on price, quality and your interaction with the painters.

7. Schedule your painting job either by phone or email

After deciding on which painter to hire, ask them to give you a schedule of when they will be able to start your job and when they expect to finish.

In some cases, painters may need extra time in case unexpected situations arise during the painting process. But if painters keep delaying their work without notifying you in advance, consider hiring someone else instead next time!

8. Discuss any details about payment

The best advice is to make a deposit and pay painters in full when the job is done.

If painters want to be paid weekly, make sure you agree with them before getting started and get written confirmation of their payment terms. If there is anything unclear about payment requirements, ask questions until everything is clear!

Painting can turn out to be an expensive project if it goes wrong through lack of communication or poorly planned timetables. So hiring professional painters that show respect for your time and money will save everyone involved a lot of stress in the long run!

Do not forget – even though they are professional and experienced, always check references before making any final decisions just in case something comes up later.

9. Set expectations about cleanliness, such as whether they should wear protective gear

Also, agree on hours of work and access to your property. Check on your painters regularly to see the status of their work. This will ensure that all jobs are completed according to schedule, within budget, and using quality materials.

10. The final cleanup should be thorough and leave your property spotless

When all painting is completed, you should notice a significant difference in the look and feel of your property. Make sure all debris, spills and splashes are taken care of before your painters leave.

One final tip

Ask the painting contractor about their insurance coverage. You want to be sure that all bases are covered and that in the event of an accident on your property, the contractor has adequate insurance to cover any damage.

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