4 Tips for Selling Your Home Before the Market Slows Down

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The process of selling your home takes time, especially when the market is slow and buyers have no problem shopping around for the perfect home. However, staying on the market for too long won’t be good for any property.

If you are planning to sell your home this year, you need to make sure it sells within 90 days, otherwise you may end up closing a deal that’s lower than your asking price. With mortgage rates expected to go back up in the months to come, you will need to know how you can sell your home fast before demand fizzles out. A VA Loan Calculator can help you know exactly what your potential home buyer will be paying at the end of the day for your home.

First impressions are crucial to getting a quick sale, so you need to tidy up your home before getting it listed. Consider getting a residential cleaning company to help declutter your home and give it a deep clean. This will come in handy in case you lack the time to do any cleaning yourself. In addition, getting a professional to do the work can help make your home stand out so it sells faster before other buyers place their offers.

  1. Improve your curb appeal

When listing your home, the exterior that gets the most attention, as it’s the first thing a buyer notices as they shop around for their dream home. Spend time and money improving the property’s exterior appearance. Give it a fresh coat of paint and trim the grass to the right height. You can also add extra features such as lamps, string lights, and a flower garden that will draw in motivated buyers.

  1. List your home in the MLS

If you want to increase the chances for your home to get noticed, you should look beyond word-of-mouth and social media. You are able to increase your chances by getting your home listed on the multiple listing service or MLS. This platform provides buyer’s agents and brokers with data on homes that are currently on sale in a specific state. It provides comprehensive information on prices, square footage, amenities, and everything else that buyers will need to review. While you need to pay a fixed fee to list your home on the MLS, doing so will help you attract buyers quickly.

  1. Look towards a home buying company

In case you lack the time and money to do any improvements to your home, you can always reach out to investors or companies who can buy your home for a fair market price. If you are in Tennessee, you can check out companies like Fair Cash Deal Memphis that will buy your home within days after an appraisal. That way, you don’t need to wait for offers or invest in renovations to attract buyers. With a cash buying company, you can close a sale so you can move out in no time.

Before home buying becomes expensive for everyone, you should spend no time selling your home at the best price. Use these tips and make your move while the opportunity is there.




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