5 Modern Garage Design Trends That Will Elevate Your Space

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Garages are no longer the old, dark, and dirty spaces used for keeping cars and storing old tools you may never use. Modern garages are now a perfect symmetry and stylish extensions of modern homes. They come in different shapes and designs to perfectly fit into the aesthetic values of the homes they’re built in.

In fact, many homeowners today are using their garages as the main entry points into their homes. If you’re aspiring to get innovative with your garage design, here are five design trends you should consider to elevate your space:

Stylish Customizations

There’s no limit to what you can achieve with your garage space when styling it up. It all depends on what you want to use the space for besides parking your cars. If it’s big enough to work as a studio, man cave, or extra bedroom, your styling should revolve around making it warm, accommodating, and with enough air circulation.

You can opt for ventilated garage doors for optimal airflow, high roll-up speed, and solid security. Get it warm and well-lit by installing the right light bulbs and room heaters. If you’re only interested in the parking space, you’d want to eliminate unnecessary stuff and optimize the remaining space like it’s been done with these 2 car metal garages.

Aesthetic Floors

Choosing a perfect flooring that complements your modern garage design begins with understanding your options. You can choose the popular garage floor carpets for an additional insulation layer on the floor or the rollout vinyl flooring for a high-traffic garage. Washable rugs, rubber floor mats, and peel-and-stick garage floor tiles can also get the work done depending on your budget and preferences.

Digital Integrations

Living in a tech-inspired space is the best way to remain connected to the rest of the world, even when hiding in your tiny-spaced garage. One way to achieve harmony between your house and the garage is to extend some of your home’s smart solutions to the garage. You can start by connecting your internet, then add security cameras and a touch of the latest sound and light systems.

For an even better experience, consider installing voice-activated assistants, temperature control systems, and smart door openers to your garage design. These can improve convenience and security and give your garage a modern look and form.

Garage Gyms

No better place to have uninterrupted fitness training than in a well-customized garage gym. A garage gym gives you the seclusion to concentrate on your workouts and allows you to customize your setups to meet your fitness goals. You can start as small as setting up a Yoga corner and mat to as big as installing treadmills and weight lifting stations. The ideal gym area should fit the available space without compromising the garage’s primary purpose.

Green Garages

Green garages are now common, especially because many homeowners emphasize healthier environments. Greeneries and energy-efficient products don’t have to be limited to your house alone. You can extend the good gesture to your garage space to achieve harmony and enjoy the taste of what a modern garage offers.

Add hanging plants, vertical gardens, and living walls to give your garage the life it needs for sustainability. Ensure you use only energy-efficient appliances like heaters and air conditioners to minimize waste.

Building a modern garage isn’t difficult if you have the right ideas to follow. The best way to go about it is to start with the simple ideas as you improve to the more complex ones with time. Whether you’re customizing it stylishly or making it green, give it your best shot for optimal results!