5 Reasons Why Bathroom Renovations Are A Popular Investment

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Interest and demand for bathroom renovation have been rising over the last couple of years. Part of that can be attributed to the fact that renovations have become more popular since the pandemic, as being forced to stay at home encouraged families to invest in improvements. However, bathrooms, in particular, have been a popular pick for home renovations.

Keep reading if you’ve noticed an uptick in clients looking for bathroom renovations and wondering why that is happening. Here are some of the main reasons why people are looking for bathroom renovations today.

1 – Increase property value

Let’s not beat around the bush here. One of the main reasons why homeowners and commercial building managers choose to renovate bathrooms is to increase the resale value of the property. It has long been a popular belief that the bathroom and the kitchen are the two best areas of the house to renovate if you’re looking to bump up the resale value of a property.

Whether or not that’s true depends on a variety of complicated factors, not least of them being the state of the local housing market at the time of sale. However, this belief — whether true or not — helps to push homeowners into renovating one of those two spaces first when considering making sweeping changes to their properties.

2 – Boost showroom appeal

No one likes having to wait six months to a year in order to find a buyer for a house. Instead, this encourages homeowners to plan ahead and start making changes that will make the home more appealing to potential buyers. And one thing people love to see on a house tour is a beautiful and recently-renovated bathroom. Especially if it is also packed with creature comforts like heated floors and a spacious bathtub, it’s an investment that can boost a homeowner’s chances of finding a buyer quickly when they decide to sell.

3 – Add more comfort

Of course, renovating a bathroom also helps make it much more comfortable for the people currently living in the house. Most financially aware homeowners wouldn’t consider spending thousands and dealing with the hassle of managing a renovation project for comfort alone. However, once you combine the comfort benefits with the two selling points mentioned above, suddenly, a bathroom renovation becomes much more appealing.

Some estimates say that homeowners will recover on average 60% of the cost of renovations when reselling the home. That’s good enough to convince people to borrow money to finance a renovation project. This is especially true since even homeowners with bad credit scores can still get funding through various means, as this company website shows.

4 – Reduce maintenance costs

Bathroom fixtures and the bathroom’s plumbing are both prone to developing problems as the house grows older. This increases how much the homeowner has to spend on maintenance and repair over the years, which often encourages people to renovate instead. After all, by requiring less maintenance, a remodeled bathroom will pay for itself eventually.

Another financial incentive for renovation comes in the form of greater efficiency, as new pipes can reduce water heating costs, and new fixtures can reduce water consumption.

5 – Adapt to changes

Finally, another popular reason for bathroom renovations is to make the space better meet their daily needs. For example, maybe the family needs the area to be better adapted for elderly relatives, or perhaps they have small kids and are looking to make the space more suitable for them.

This subset of homeowners will usually care less about how the renovation will impact the value of the property and more about how the space can be changed to make their daily lives safer and more convenient. This is preferable while also enabling senior or young family members to use the bathroom with minimal risk of injury.