5 Smart Renovation Tips to Upgrade Your Kitchen

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Whether you’re trying to spice up your kitchen to increase your house’s value or want to update its look that has seen better days, you need to be smart about it to successfully achieve your aesthetic preference without compromising functionality.

Who would want a lovely kitchen but a non-functioning one, right? With that in mind, how exactly do you carryout renovation of your kitchen? Here are some tips on that subject.

Make a Splash with Your Backsplash

The subway tile is a classic if you’re looking for the most cost-effective design. However, you don’t need to pick the most boring tile, as you can also get creative with them. Take note that subway tiles can also come in different colors and patterns in the market. Concrete tiles are also the same. For example, you can pick longer subway tiles with a vertical layout to make the design look more modern, especially those with border colors.

If you’re looking to be more cost-effective in your kitchen splashbacks, you could also opt to put subway tiles only in the same place they’re needed. For example, you could only put subway tiles on empty or visible kitchen counter areas.

Of course, you could still put them wherever you like them, even in a place where they’re not seen but remember, they are sometimes tricky to clean, and putting them in hard-to-reach may create an unnecessary hassle.

Choose Your Appliances Early

From dishwashers and countertops to electric stoves and ovens, one of the most complex decisions you’ll probably make when renovating your kitchen is the pricing. Do you go for less quality but cheap ones or expensive but reliable ones? How about the brand? How about energy efficiency?

It would be best if you considered many factors when picking your appliances early on, and making your choices in the middle of renovations will undoubtedly waste a considerable amount of time. That said, why not pick your appliances early on? Even before the renovations start, you can go to the mall or online and try to canvas the appliances you want for your new kitchen. Also, picking your appliances early allows you to adhere more to your budget since you have more time to adjust.

Incorporate New Kitchen Tech

Don’t underestimate the value of modern kitchen tech to your newly renovated kitchen. From smart taps to smart trash cans, kitchen gadgets can go a long way from the regular items you have in your old kitchen. If you want your kitchen to be as efficient as possible, installing modern kitchen technology will make it feel like a well-oiled machine.

Not to mention that if you’re trying to sell your house soon, the more advanced the kitchen is, the more value you’ll see in your house. This is because most people think the kitchen is the heart and soul of the house. You might as well take advantage of it, right?

Design Wide Walkways

When renovating the kitchen, one of the most important things you should consider is the walkways. Sure, the fridge is much closer to the stove, but how will you get to that place if a huge countertop is in your way? This is just an example of the importance of always considering your walkways. Just imagine the level of efficiency you’ll have in your kitchen if your walkways are spacious.

That said, a kitchen’s cooking zone should be 42 inches for a one-cook configuration and 48 inches for two. Regular pathways through a kitchen should also be at least 36 inches wide. These measurements will make everything much more accessible, increasing efficiency during busy times.

Upcycle Your Cabinetry

Are you considering upgrading your kitchen cabinets but hesitating because the existing ones are still efficient, even after the new renovations? Then you don’t need to change them. Instead, one cost-effective method in this situation is to repaint or re-lacquer them. Remember that you can visit your local cabinet maker and have them build a new door for your existing boxes.

Yes, in this case, the thermofoil faces are tempting but sad to say that they can’t stand prolonged wear-and-tear daily, and you’ll come to regret that decision when it’s time to renovate again. In short, they’re not cost-effective. Also, you can do open shelving on the upper part of your cabinetry, and if you want to showcase it, you can pair it with your favorite lighting. This is especially great if you’re on a tight budget but want to upgrade your cabinetry.

Final Words

If you’re looking to renovate your kitchen soon, you must be smart about it. The tips discussed above are minimal yet very effective ways to renovate your kitchen without the needed hassle but still within the budget. Sure, they’re not as extravagant, but they can also make your kitchen more accessible and beautiful but still functioning as before.