5 Tips on Whether or Not You Should Move Out During a Major Remodel

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Remodels and renovation projects can be fun and exciting, because who doesn’t love a new kitchen or living room, but they can also be a major disturbance to your daily routine. In fact, there are many problems that can come to light during this project, some of which might even put you and your family members in harm’s way. Of course, not every remodel requires you to move out for the duration of the project, and using the right tools and utilities may even shorten the whole thing so that you can stay in your home safely.

Provided that you and the contractor come up with a good day-to-day plan and that you manage the dust and debris wisely, you might not need to think about relocating. However, if this is a major renovation, then moving might be the only viable option. Let’s put everything in perspective and give you the five key considerations that will help you make the best decision possible.

The contractors will be there all the time

The first thing you need to take into consideration is how much privacy you’ll have when the work begins. Will you be able to uphold your daily routine, get things done, and actually enjoy some privacy at any point? If the answer to these simple yet important questions is a resounding “no”, then there is no arguing that you should relocate until the job is done.

You should work closely with the contractor during the planning phase to see exactly when they will be working, organize a detailed schedule, and figure out if there is any way for you to not bump into the workers and their equipment. Chances are, though, that you won’t be able to stick to your usual routine and that you will need to move out sooner or later, which leads us to the next important point.

Major renovations mean major disturbances

If you are only remodelling the master bedroom, then what’s a week or two spent on the couch in the living room? However, remodels that include turning the water or electricity off at any point are major renovations, and they can severely impact your quality of life and make the whole place practically unliveable.

Anything that includes moving, fixing, or otherwise disrupting the flow of electricity or water through other areas of your home is cause for a temporary relocation. Because after all, how are you supposed to maintain an efficient routine, get anything done, or accommodate the needs of your family members? Consider whether or not power and water will be available during the remodel, and you will get a pretty good idea of whether moving is necessary.

Moving the essentials can be quick and painless

When it becomes obvious that you should relocate for the duration of the remodel, you have several options at your disposal. You can move your stuff to a safe storage facility, relocate everything to a rental, or better yet, you can keep everything close by in a spacious trailer. Remember, this is a temporary move, so you should only have to consider a trailer rental in order to load your stuff up once and keep it there until the time comes to unload everything back inside.

It’s easy and convenient, and you only have to take your stuff out of the house once. You can drive the trailer around if need be, or keep it close to your home to have access to your belongings. If you’re staying at a friend’s place, then a trailer is the best mobile storage unit you can get. Remember that you might not be required to move everything out, as you may be able to keep some of your belongings covered with tarp during the remodel.

Moving out may be more cost-effective

One thing you might not have considered before is that by moving out you would actually be making the whole project more affordable. Think of this way: by staying in your house during the renovation or a complex second-storey addition, you will invariably get in the workers’ way, you will inadvertently cause delays and setbacks, and as a result the whole project will move at a slower pace. This raises the cost of the remodel and prolongs the work, all of which you can avoid by just not being there.

Ensuring safety for everyone involved

Last but not least, consider the fact that staying during a remodel might be dangerous for you and the family, especially if you have small kids who love to run around. Your contractor will tell if the project is too dangerous to allow any occupants during that time, and you should heed their warnings.

Generally, it would be best to avoid coming into contact with any equipment, hazardous materials, dust and debris, or to expose yourself to any risk needlessly. If nothing else, ensuring safety is a good reason to relocate until the work gets done.

Wrapping up

Even though all the signs might point to a move at first glance, there’s always a chance that the contractor will let you stay depending on the complexity of the remodel. Take these considerations to heart to ensure that the project goes smoothly and safely for all.

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