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5 Ways for Lowering Voltage to Reduce Power Consumption

There are a host of things that you do in your business or home to cut down on your electricity bill, from looking for the best price plan to using energy saver bulbs and more. So, have you ever considered voltage? Keep reading to see how voltage can affect your electricity bill.

What is Voltage?

In essence, voltage denoted by the unit volt (v) is the pressure that leads to the flow of electricity. The higher the voltage, the greater the flow of electricity to an appliance or output source.

Having too high or too low voltage levels for your electrical appliances can have a negative impact on your Power Consumption and the appliances themselves.

Ways To Reduce Voltage

By reducing the amount of voltage that is used in the electrical appliances that you have, you can reduce the amount of overall Power Consumption. This helps in reducing the cost of electricity for your business or home.

1.    Voltage Requirements of Appliances

The vast majority of appliances today have information about their voltage requirements. Occasionally people may plug an appliance into an electrical outlet that has a much higher voltage than the appliances need. This leads to a loss of electricity and can damage the appliance as well. It is best to use the required voltage indicated on the appliance.

2.    Transformers

Using step-up or step-down transformers regulates the voltage flowing into your appliances accurately, preventing excessive voltage usage. This regulates overall voltage rather than for specific appliances.

3.    Expert Consultation

Contacting an expert can provide you with a guide to voltage optimisation. They can evaluate your electrical system to see if anything is wrong. They can provide you vital information about what you may need to change to reduce your voltage levels or overall electricity consumption.

4.    Insulators

Any damage or break to your insulators can lead to excess voltage. Due to damage in the insulator, the voltage is doubled, and the current renters the source instead of reaching the other end of the system. Maintaining your insulators and handling them carefully is particularly important to reduce voltage levels.

5.    Voltage Optimisation Technology

Voltage optimisation technology is a technology that manages voltage for you. It is created to regulate voltage so that the supply coming from the grid can be adjusted for your appliances according to their voltage requirements. It uses series conducted transformers to decrease voltage levels used while simultaneously saving energy.

How Can I See If Voltage Optimisation Technology Works?

It can be tempting to expect immediate results from using this technology or other means of reducing voltage. It is, however, unlikely that you will see immediate changes in your Power Consumption because there are a host of variables that make up an energy bill, not just the voltage.

The best way to see if using this technology has made a difference is to compare your energy costs three months after installation with an older bill taking other factors into account.

Homes compared to business do not see a great change in their bills simply due to the fact that they use less energy, but they too save on their electricity bills.

Not many people take voltage levels into consideration when looking to reduce energy costs. Now that you are aware, maybe it’s time for you to reduce your voltage levels as well.



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