6 Simple Maintenance Tips to Improve Your Roof’s Lifespan

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Roofs are a costly investment with various ornamental and security benefits. With the right care and maintenance, many roofing items can survive for more than 20 years. However, various factors like improper installation, the use of substandard roofing materials, and neglecting routine practices will lower your roof’s lifespan. In this article, we will be discussing six tips to aid you to prevent untimely damage to maintain your roof’s structure and prolong its lifespan.

Pruning Trees

Trees having branches hanging over your home’s roof can result in extensive damage during certain weather conditions like windstorms. This will also allow rodents like squirrels to have access to your roof and gnaw on it. If there are tree branches less than 10 feet from your roof, prune them constantly to prolong your roof’s lifespan expectancy.

Taking Care of Ice Dams

Snow and ice put additional weight on your home’s roof and this could lead to breakage if they remain there for a long time. Apart from that, this could result in temperature alterations that will stress the roofing materials and create a thermal shock. You could opt for using road water and salt or a lengthy scraper to get rid of the ice accumulating on your roof.

Scheduled Cleaning

The collection of debris and dirt on your home’s roof can result in moisture retention that will eventually damage your roofing materials. For example, it can decay wooden roofing tiles and shingles. It will also boost the development of moss which leads to the roof’s surface getting heavy and raises the chances of collapsing. It is recommended to regularly hire an expert roof cleaning service at best once yearly or whenever you notice major discoloration.

Eradicating Mold

If your home’s roof is under the shade, it might keep water during rainy seasons and result in mold development. These fungi growth can stain and eat up the roof surface, leading to untimely wear and tear. Ensure you always keep an eye out for mold infestation, such as leakage and musty odor, to improve your roof’s lifespan. You can also consult an expert to select the best mold removal practice and technique for your roof surface.

Replacing Shingles

Due to exposure to adverse weather conditions or poor installation, roofing shingles can break and crack over time. Once you notice a faulty or missing shingle, get a roof maintenance expert to examine the entire surface and supervise the required repairs. By doing this, you can identify and fix minor issues before it escalates and results in significant damage or leakage.

Expert Roof Inspection

Many homeowners avoid expert roof inspections to reduce maintenance costs. Irrespective of the inevitable maintenance costs that come with this tip, these services will aid you to identify any issues with your roof surface in time. Afterward, the experts can rectify any damage and recommend different methods to protect your roofing structure. This will eventually prevent further damage and save you the money that would have otherwise gone into installing a whole new roof.

Properly taking care of your roofing structure will not only extend its lifespan but also safeguard your entire home. Roof replacement is usually a better option than re-roofing and these tips will ensure that the option of roof replacement always remains open. If you reside in the Midwestern United States, then DMG Exteriors are roofing contractors Indiana that could conduct your regular roofing inspections, installation, and repair.