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6 Tips to consider when upgrading an office Space

Whether you already own commercial space or want to open a new place of business, renovating is a key step in making the building your own. Such renovation projects can be overwhelming at certain points, but you need to remember that your business depends on your success in many ways. Here are some of the best-proven commercial renovation tips.

Identify possible violations

If your property hasn’t changed owners or tenants for a long time, it’s possible it has been subjected to different building code violations. Some work might’ve been done without a permit, ventilation ducts could be connected incorrectly, and smoke detectors may not work. When you apply for a permit, such things are usually discovered, and if you don’t correct them, it could lead to money-losing stop-orders on your renovation project.

Search through city council online databases which often keep open violations like work without a permit, or a business running without the valid certificate of occupancy. Although you may discover some of the building’s violations by yourself, it’s always better to do a walk through with an engineer or general contractor. 

Recognize the building’s strengths

Are there and features that made the building attractive when it was freshly built? To ensure the best outcome for your renovation project you need to reinforce those strengths by today’s standards. If the building has a strong structural foundation, you’ll be able to take a few walls down to bring more natural light to interior spaces. If the building has 8-ft ceilings, it will affect the type of lighting you’re going to use, etc. If the building has stunning views of the surrounding, open the space to let everyone enjoy the city skyline, and the value of the building will automatically increase.  

Create a renovation strategy

If you fail in creating a well-planned strategy, you may still be able to complete the renovation but the result s and costs might not be as satisfying as you hoped them to be. First, you need to layout the estimated project budget.

It should include the construction costs, materials, furniture, labor, etc. but also some margin for hidden costs that always appear along the way. Then, you need to decide what to do with your workforce during the renovation. Are there any vacant areas or interim spaces they can occupy for the time being? If there aren’t any, you’ll need to find some to prevent losing money as a result of the operating standstill. 

Give careful consideration to the restroom facilities

When considering an office upgrade, it is crucial not to overlook the restrooms, making them an essential aspect of the renovation project. Paying attention to the restrooms can significantly enhance the overall experience for employees and visitors alike. One key element to focus on is the installation of durable and aesthetically pleasing commercial bathroom partitions, which not only ensure privacy but also contribute to a clean and modern ambiance. By investing in well-designed restrooms, businesses can create a positive impression and foster a more comfortable and hygienic environment for everyone.

Re-think the lighting scheme

While the question of indoor lighting might be a personal taste, a study by the American Society of Interior Designers shows that 68% of office employees dislike the lighting scheme in their workplace.

Dim lighting can strain the eyes and cause headaches which lower productivity and increase employee fatigue. Harsh, lighting, on the other hand, is a much more common problem.

To solve this, you need to achieve a balance between natural and electric light and avoid shadows and glare. Try not to fall for the latest trends of Edison bulbs and re-purposed early industrial-style fixtures, as those are more suitable for beer joints and coffee shops. In today`s busy environment, large companies use human-centric LED lighting solutions as shown on this website that enable dimming and centralized management in industrial production. The latest commercial-grade ceiling fixtures come with LED optics that allow for variable light distribution. 

Improve the curb appeal

For many business niches, first impressions are critical, and the features that make those impressions are on the outside – aesthetic appeal of the building and landscaping. Freshen up your signage and set a small landscaping budget for a low-maintenance front garden with seasonal flowers that are going to be changed periodically. On the inside, you want to continue the first impression theme by updating the finishes in lobbies, elevator cabins, and toilet rooms. New finishes and paint colors, carpets, and ceiling tiles can do a lot to make the property up-to-date.

Inform the employees about the renovation

Perhaps the most important indicator of whether your renovation was successful is if your employees are happy to work in their new environment. Your renovation projects should’ve created a more comfortable space that offers better accommodation for your workforce.

Still, employees need some time to get accustomed to the change, just as a family would in a new home. You also need to inform and train them on the new features and technology that the renovation made possible. Team leaders need to give tours through the new space to their teams and demonstrate new technological capabilities. If there are too many employees, video training/walkthrough can save you much time, and employees can watch it in their own time. 

Renovating an office space is a big undertaking, with lots of things that can go wrong. For this reason, you need to have a streamlined plan that divides the whole project into tasks that allows you to tackle them one by one in the order of priority.

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