8 Features to look out for in a modern luxury home

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Luxury homes don’t necessarily include mansions or furniture with gold details. Actually, a lavish lifestyle these days usually involves modern features that provide both comfort and a pleasant environment; not to mention that the ultimate goal of these modern lux home elements is to boost sustainability and the overall eco-friendliness of the place. One can start building their modern luxury home from scratch, or redesign their existing place. Either way, if you want to get the best end result, keep in mind the following extraordinary features.

Blending the indoor and the outdoor

One of the biggest trends when it comes to the modern and luxurious home design is bringing the indoor living space outdoors and vice versa. The latter trend has been popular for a while as it adds more greenery and nature inside one’s home. However, it seems that a true modern luxury involves extravagant indoor-inspired spaces – outside. Essentially, the combo of a living/dining area and an outdoor kitchen is the most common solution for this particular trend.

Fancy bathrooms

Of course, no modern luxury home can be truly modern or luxurious without an exceptional bathroom. Usually, bathrooms have a Zen feel to them and are spa-inspired in order to bring the ultimate relaxation to the owners. Some of the most extraordinary features definitely include saunas, steam rooms and even a whole entertainment media set installed inside the bathroom. The open floor plan has become more popular in bathroom design as well.

Top-notch security

No lavish home with extraordinary features can go without a proper security system. If you’re planning to invest in a little piece of paradise like this, you need to make sure that it’s safely guarded. With that in mind, it’s paramount to invest in more protection than just your average alarm system. After all, when you think luxury, you should also think monitored 24/7 systems connected to the authorities and security professionals’ offices.

Energy-efficient heating

Heating solutions can generally be a problem in this day and age, especially when sustainable green living is concerned. This is precisely why hydronic heating systems have become so popular lately. In general, Australia seems to be setting the trends when it comes to the luxury modern lifestyle. It’s no wonder then that cost-effective hydronic heating in Sydney is one of the more popular services that homeowners ask for. Essentially, there are available options for both homeowners who build their home from scratch and those who simply want to revamp their existing place.

Smart tech features

No luxury home would be truly modern without the technological touch of contemporary smart gadgets. After all, if you want your home to be a modern lavish oasis, you definitely need to make the most out of the digital age we live in. In that sense, latest Energy Star-rated appliances, Internet-connected everything, automatic thermostats and other switches, voice-control, and simply anything invented so far that would make the homeowner’s life more convenient and sustainable should definitely be included on the modern lux features list.

Home gym

If your home is lavish and modern, you want to appear like a true master of the place as well. Therefore, it’s important to take care of yourself. Obviously, one of the main aspects of proper self-care is exercise. And why should you go to the gym, when one of your rooms can be turned into one? In the end, if you want to get that ultimate lux feel mixed with the modern vibe of contemporary living, getting professional fitness equipment and turning one area of your home into an exercise room is only natural.

Other sustainable solutions

There are many ways to green up your home, but for those interested in the lavishly modern lifestyle who want to build their home from scratch, starting with green building materials is recommended. Essentially, you’d want something sustainable and locally sourced. Moreover, using LED lights throughout the home is only the logical thing to do when thinking about sustainability. Furthermore, solar panels are definitely the ultimate sign of the eco-friendly yet modern and lux lifestyle. Still, with the unlimited sun energy, the investment will definitely pay off.


Aside from taking nature indoors by filling your space with plants, the latest trend in modern home design involves the abundance of greenery. For starters, growing your own garden is definitely a sign of modern luxury living nowadays, as organic gardens greatly boost a home’s resale value. That’s not all, however. Green walls and green roofs have become extremely popular lately; not only are these eco-friendly, but they also contribute to noise reduction and provide effective insulation.

An extraordinary modern luxury home doesn’t compromise. These days, there’s really no excuse for homeowners who can afford such a lifestyle to choose between the environment and the looks. After all, eco-friendliness has been a major part of all the biggest home design trends in recent years, which allowed for plenty of design solutions that feel, look and do most exceptionally.