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BTR or Built-to-Rent is an evolving trend in the world of real estate. You may have also come across the term in various architecture magazines and brochures. These residential buildings get designed to rent them out to tenants.

As per the latest data by the British Property Federation, the figure of fully completed BTR homes expanded by 41% approximately within quarter 1 2019 to quarter 1 2020.  So what makes these BTR properties a buzzword in the town? The answer lies in the following features that almost every building has in common.

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A spot-on dwelling space: Houses located in a well-connected place gather more eyeballs. Location is an extremely vital factor for any residential buildings to find their buyers or tenants. Similarly, a Built-to-Rent model should enjoy proximity to road-connectors, shopping malls and medical stores.


Besides, a builder must be able to read the mind of a consumer well. Comprehensive thoughts about the tenant’s demands and preferences help them build a masterpiece. Understanding tenant psychology is essential in modern times to stand out with the best layout.


Extra storage spaces: Tenants often require additional storage spaces depending on their family size. Some may have fewer commodities, while others may require huge spaces for putting extra stuff. Adequate storage spaces on the back of the house are a must-have for the BTR houses.


Being an operator, you must arrange for refuse chutes and delivery spaces. Also, facilities for the movement of goods help tenants to operate seamlessly. However, there are also other things that operators should keep in mind before giving a house on rent.


Deliver appropriate quantities: Along with the other factors, building renting spaces with proper ratio matters the most. A minimum of 200 units is what a BTR requires for proper usage. Most renowned operators target 250 plus units, whereas 500 plus units have maximum operational efficiency.


Also, the person should figure out what the tenants refrain from and keep away such stances. BTR models get designed for rental purposes, and their requirements must have careful implications.


Keep gateways to cover mishaps: An operator must take care of unforeseen circumstances and keep enough backup options. Construction risks are common in real-estate, same in BTR. Thus, a constructor must be aware of the seven common types of construction risks to create the best piece.


As discussed above, construction comes with possible threats and each property variations in development. Thus, an operator must battle operational gaps, financial turbulences, etc. Also, the person should be aware of the technical factors and glitches to avoid future hurdles.


Use of modern construction techniques: Specific modern methods of construction get used in the creation of Built-to-Rent property. The volumetric modular technique is one such come method used to ace up build rates. It helps in stimulating rental incomes, lowering snag, and maintenance charges.


Also, such methods prove great in developing a sustainable project with lower carbon-intensive designs.


Keep Tenant Insurance in Mind 

Apart from all these, builders and owners should be aware of tenant insurance. It works as an extra layer of safety to the owner, as renters have their share secured.

It provides coverage against accidental mishaps, rental insurance keeping both parties safe from the unwanted burden of expenses. Also, it counts for a better tenant-owner relationship as tenants can contribute to the accidental damages.


Provide amenities essential for renting: BTR projects are in trend because tenants love finding dwelling spaces with a complete look and feel to them. The presence of a lounge area, extra storage spots, loading, and unloading bay are some common expectations tenants seek. Thus, an operator must make room for such amenities to grab every consumer’s attention.


Some high-end BTR projects should not only be limited to the primary facilities, but they should also have provisions for both investors and tenants. Allocations of gyms and pools add grace to the Built-to-Rent project and make it worth a watch.


Keep it subtle: Adding the preliminary features and creating a complete dwelling spot for residents is necessary, but the ambience should be simple. A room for further customization makes the residence a space to breathe. Therefore, there should be possibilities for re-structuring, painting and personalization.


Also, it makes residents feel the vibe that they want to witness while living. It’s their show which needs to be worthwhile. It makes them easier to gel up with the ambiance and get a home-like feel.

A small talk while you say bye

BTR is a superb initiative oriented towards the ones seeking property at rent with some additional perks. A perfect blend of co-working and co-living facilities is what BTR has to offer people. Keeping the above factors in mind helps you find more residents and build a dwelling space that gathers a few more stares!