4 Compelling Reasons Why Commercial Bathroom Partitions Are A Must Have For Commercial Facilities

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Bathroom Partitions are just one of the variables in play when building a reputation for your business. Besides how you relate and engage with your customers, the quality of furnishings also reflects the quality of your business undertakings. And we aren’t talking about just the conference room or the lounge. 

The hygiene, design, and privacy of the bathrooms are just as important. When using the washrooms in a commercial facility, having the privacy and hygiene you would normally have at home can be very important to your clients.

To help you give your establishment a truly outstanding appeal, we have highlighted 4 compelling reasons why bathroom partitions are a must-have for commercial bathrooms

Increased Privacy

Single-occupancy bathrooms cause inconvenience to families with elderly people and children who need help in the lavatory. Consequently, you should equip your restrooms with commercial bathroom partitions. 

Even better, have an open waiting area, especially if you regularly receive families in your premises. Examples of such businesses consist of healthcare centers, movie theaters, supermarkets, and restaurants.


Tend to More Clients and Visitors

For businesses that have a bunch of visitors and clients daily, having single-occupancy lavatories is not only costly but also impractical. Furthermore, making your customers or visitors wait in line is one of the last things you would want as a business. 

Additionally, if visitors occupy your washrooms, then your staff will have to wait, which will in the end impede productivity. Evidently, it would be safe to say that commercial bathroom partitions are a must-have for commercial facilities.


Ideal for the Specially Abled

As a business owner, it’s your moral duty to be aware of customers and visitors with mobility problems. Single-occupancy lavatories aren’t outfitted with any special accessories for the convenience of specially-abled individuals. 

On the flip side, customizable toilet partitions allow you to design and build separately accessible lavatories compliant to ADA requirements, for specially-abled clients and visitors.


Better Hygiene

Using a single stall bathroom throughout a business may not warranty good hygiene. In case one of the visitors, staff or clients makes a mess, the impact will be through the area. On the other hand, a multiple stall washroom with partitions is easier to clean and maintain. 

The design of your commercial bathroom might determine what type of bathroom partition works best. While privacy is important, having safe wall partitions are crucial to customers safety.



Privacy partitions are obtainable in different materials: 

  • Solid plastic
  • Plastic laminate solid phenolic core
  • Stainless steel
  • Baked enamel

They can be affixed to different areas in the restroom. You get to choose between: 

  • Overhead braced
  • Floor braced
  • Ceiling hung
  • Floor to ceiling bathroom 


Overhead Installation Bathroom Partitions

Overhead braced bathroom stall dividers are convenient since they don’t need specific floor to ceiling construction. Baked enamel, stainless steel, and solid plastic are some of the choices you’ve when in search of overhead braced restroom partitions.

There is also a no-site partition that has no gaps between the pilasters and the door. This is an ideal choice for more upscale areas whose patrons need a more private environment.

Baked enamel is another inexpensive option you can pick. It too has a wide assortment of colors to select from.


Ceiling Hung

Ceiling hung toilet screens are ideal for areas that have low ceilings. Since they have no connection to the floor, this type of commercial bathroom partition allows for easy maintenance.

Different colors are available to pick from to match the washroom’s color scheme. Reasonably priced plastic laminate provides a corrosion-resistant material that is perfect for restaurants, retail stores and movie theaters.


Floor Braced Installation

Floor braced toilet partitions are designed for areas with high ceilings. This design offers the effect of airiness to its visitors.

Solid phenolic core floor braced bathroom stalls resist humidity, oil, water, and bacteria. Maintenance is easy as they can handle hose-down cleaning.


Floor to Ceiling Installation

Floor to ceiling bathroom panels are perfect for areas that require a lot of stability. You get to choose from baked enamel design that has a lot of color choices or stainless steel that has a satin or textured finish.

Floor to ceiling bathroom panels are suitable for stadiums, theme parks, or any area with high levels of vandalism. 


Wall Mounted Installation

Wall partitions for urinals are also obtainable for privacy. Stainless steel and baked enamel models are moisture-resistant and won’t corrode. Solid phenolic core, plastic laminate, and solid plastic are among other options you have for privacy partitions.



In addition to their practical advantages, toilet partitions can transform the way your clients and visitors perceive your business. Whether you own a fitness center, theater, educational center, retail business, restaurant, or hotel, commercial bathroom partitions will certainly be a valuable addition to your facility.