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Bathroom Remodel Ideas on a Budget

Did you recently purchase a home and you need a bathroom remodel? Have you been living in your house for decades and are tired of the look of the bathroom? Is it simply not as functional as you hoped it would be? Regardless of your reasons, if you’re working on a budget, you’ll be glad to hear that there are tons of ideas you can use to completely or partially remodel this essential part of your home. Keep on reading for some inspiration.
Leave the pipes in the same place

What you need to take into consideration when planning this Bathroom Remodel is the fact that moving the pipes or getting all new plumbing will cost a lot of money. So, keep your budget in mind. If the layout is simply not good, you might have to do this but that also means that you might not have enough money to get all the latest fixtures. Look for a way to keep sinks, showers and toilets as close to their original place as possible. Sinks are usually the least expensive to re-position, so only move them if you can.

Find one item to splurge on

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Just because you’re working on a budget, it doesn’t mean that you can’t splurge on an amazing piece you find. However, you should keep it down to just one or a few items. If you plan on making this piece the focal point of the bathroom, you might be able to cut down the costs of other parts of the room. If the freestanding bathtub is going to be the centrepiece, you can use more affordable tiles for the floor, for example. If the sink will play this role, the countertop can be more economical.

Add a fresh coat of paint

In case you are not looking to replace all the elements during your bathroom remodel, simply painting the walls can be enough. This can make a huge difference and will not leave a dent in your wallet. For instance, if your bathroom is currently mostly neutral, you can introduce a bold colour that will give the room an instant facelift. You can also leave most of it neutral but paint one statement wall in a bright colour or a stripe pattern for a dramatic effect. What is more, floorboards can also be painted and give your bathroom a chic update. Just make sure you use wood paint for this project.

Put up bold wallpaper

Just like paint, wallpaper is also a cheap way to make a big change. This is something you can do on your own, without having to hire professionals and spend even more money on their services. The great thing here is that wallpaper comes in many designs, from floral scenes to geometric grids. Plus, you can even come up with a pattern of your own and have it printed on the wallpaper you will put on the walls.

Tone down the tiles

While you might think that floor-to-ceiling tiles look beautiful, you need to be aware of the price of such an endeavour. Seeing as how the expenses can quickly stack up, you should look into some alternatives. Other than using mildew-resistant paint and wallpaper for the walls, you can also save some money by using vinyl or linoleum for the floor. Reclaimed wood panels and concrete work wonders as well, so that is something else to think about. If you’re splurging on material, try to limit yourself to one statement wall.

Save money by buying local

Another great way to save money is to purchase from local vendors and look for materials that can easily be harvested in your area. This means that you will not have to pay for the shipment and delivery and the chances are high that the material is widely available near you and potentially very cheap.

Search through antique shops

If a vintage feel is something that you are hoping to achieve, you can also visit some local antique shops and see whether there are any pieces that fit your aesthetic. For example, maybe you can find a unique light fixture or an ornate mirror that will be the centrepiece. You might even be able to find a bigger piece such as a clawfoot tub that you can repaint in a bold shade if that is something you think would look good in your bathroom.

Look for deals online

On the other hand, you can also look online for the items you need. Luckily, there are many specialized shops that often have products on sale. Regardless of whether you’re looking for floating vanities or quality bathroom accessories, you just need to pay attention to these websites to notice when you can purchase that piece you have been eyeing for a while at a discount. What is more, remember that there are certain dates around which you can find great deals, such as Christmas and Black Friday.

Repurpose old furniture pieces

Then, maybe you have some pieces lying around your home that you can repurpose for the bathroom. If you have plenty of space and are looking to make this a cosy lounge area, you can add a chair and a side table to the room. Simply repaint them and they will bring a touch of luxury. You can also introduce a bench or an ottoman which can be used as storage as well.

Fix up old items if you can’t purchase new ones

In case you simply cannot afford to buy a new vanity or bathtub, you can look online for various tutorials on how you can fix these old items up. For instance, perhaps you can paint the outside of the vanity and revitalize it. Maybe taking off the doors and having some open shelving will do the trick. Simply replacing the countertop might be enough.

Change the accessories

Perhaps you are looking for a small change that will not impact your finances too much. In that case, you can simply swap out some of the accents. For example, upgrade your taps with a newer model that is more water-efficient. If they were chrome before, you can replace them with gold or black ones. This can be done with all the other hardware as well – from light fixtures to drawer handles, towel racks and toilet paper holders. Then, you can change your shower curtain, get a new soft rug and purchase new towels in a hue that will complement the entire colour scheme.

Make storage efficient

Small bathrooms often have a storage issue. If you can’t fit any sort of premade element in the room, you might have to get them custom-made. However, this can cost you a pretty penny, which is why you have to look for some alternatives. For example, you can go vertical with open shelving. Plus, you can easily purchase shelf brackets and wood boards at a local hardware store and do this on your own. Depending on where you install them, they can be used to display things or hide them away. Something else you can consider is hiring a fabricator that can make a nice steel frame for an open vanity and then adding the shelves yourself.

Create your own artwork

If you want some décor for the bathroom, there’s an affordable way to do that. If you have a creative hobby, you can put up your own artwork and proudly display it. Then, you can also simply print your favourite photos or works of art, frame them and hang them. This is a low-cost project that can add style to the room.

As you can see, there are many ways how you can renovate your bathroom even when working on a budget. Don’t let your limited funds hold you down, as you can find great deals online and in local stores. Keep an eye out and stay creative!

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