Best Artificial Orchids for Your Living Room and How to Arrange Them

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Nothing instantly brightens up a room like mesmerising orchids! Dainty and beautiful, orchids make stunning centrepieces in any home and are great conversation starters. This elegant household favourite comes in vivid colours ranging from purple and yellow to pink and white.

Real orchids are known for their high maintenance characteristics and were once dubbed the divas of the plant world. They require lots of direct sunlight and are sensitive to too much heat, making them tricky to care for.

Having an orchid in your home was considered a distant dream not too long ago. But not today!

These days, there’s a solution for us who have black thumbs.  Drum roll, please! Enter the – artificial flower.

Gone are the days when artificial flowers and succulents were tacky, cheap and unrealistic looking. Today, faux flowers look incredibly life-like; and let’s just say, even the greenest of fingers would find it hard to tell them apart.

Just look at how stunning these artificial orchids from Designer Plants are! Imagine having one of these in your living room.

How to Choose Artificial Orchids for Your Living Room

A living room is the centre of any home. It’s the place to entertain guests but most importantly, a place to spend time and relax with family and friends.

Wondering how to choose artificial orchids for your living room? Orchids are classically elegant flowers, so they’re easy to place anywhere in a room and still stand out. Add some contrast to a white-walled living room with blooming pink or purple orchids. For a rustic themed living room, go with white orchids. They will bring out and complement earthy brown tones.

Artificial orchids usually come in beautiful pots and a variety of sizes, from small, medium to large. The trick is to choose the right sized ones to fit the space in your home. If you have a larger living room, go for bigger ones to fill up the area, and if you live in a compact apartment studio unit, a smaller orchid will suffice. These blooms are enchanting no matter where you place them.

How to Arrange Artificial Orchids in Your Living Room

Orchids are one of those rare standalone plants which look simply stunning all on their own and make the perfect addition to your living room decoration. The best way to arrange artificial orchids is to make them your centrepiece. Place the orchid on a table facing your main door so that everyone coming in will see its stunningly delicate beauty first.

To make the most of its presence, choose a taller orchid – it will give your orchid the height to stand out against the furniture. If there’s no space in front of the main door, there’s also the coffee table! This would be the next best place to showcase your orchid.

If you would like to combine your orchid with other artificial plants, anthuriums and succulents go well with orchids -. This combination is a sight to behold. The textures and colours combined will be sure to fascinate and add beauty to any place.

Best Faux Living Room Orchids and Flowers

There are over 25000 types of orchid species, and they have been long associated with love and passion. In the Victorian era, they were considered a sign of wealth.

Did you know? Each colour of an orchid symbolises a different meaning.

Purple Orchids

This stunning colour is favoured by the wealthy as it symbolises royalty and admiration.

Pink Orchids

Long associated with femininity, this pretty colour represents grace and innocence.

White Orchids

The white orchid is a crowd favourite and symbolises purity.

Yellow Orchids

This colour represents happiness and cheer and is sure to brighten up any home.

If you’re looking for other artificial plants to complement your orchids, these two additions are perfect for mixing, matching and complementing them:

Orchids are a Succulent’s Best Friend!

Who knew these two would make a great pair? Add faux succulents into the orchid’s pot and see how well the contrasting colours blend.

Orchid and Anthurium Combo

This planter combination is beautiful and elegant for any occasion. Pair and pot a white orchid and a red anthurium, and you’ll get the wonderful contrast of white, red and green. Suitable for any time throughout the year but exceptional during the Christmas season! And talking about seasons: with artificial plants, you won’t have to worry about seasonal allergies from plants and flower pollens.

Benefits of Artificial Orchids


Here are 3 big reasons why it just makes sense to go faux!

The Appeal

Interior designers have long been using orchids to enhance the beauty of homes, especially luxury ones. Used as statement pieces, orchids create a serene sense of luxury. With faux orchids, there’s no worry of a wilting orchid destroying the overall look of an elegant home. Moreover, artificial orchids do not require a natural orchid plant’s complex care.

The Maintenance

Real orchids are notoriously hard to keep alive, and even the greenest of thumbs would agree with this! Living orchids are delicate and high maintenance. There’s the sun, the fertiliser and the watering. If you don’t get these three right, orchids will stage a protest and wither. On the other hand, artificial orchids – make the most easygoing alternative. That’s why we dig the second option!

The Convenience

When it comes to decorating a home, we love switching up the decor every once in a while! A living plant would need water. Sometimes a leaky pot happens, and water and furniture just don’t mix well. Misting your living orchids will also increase humidity levels, and with wood furniture, this can be a disaster. On the other hand, you can just move your faux orchids and arrange them to your fancy, anytime and without risking damage to your furniture.

Orchids make the best Living Room Decor!

There are just so many flowers that look good in your living room, but nothing beats the subtle elegance of orchids. The impact they deliver to any room is simply incomparable. These blooming flowers provide instant decoration to your home and a touch of elegance with their striking look.

Take the hassle out of having orchids in your home by opting for artificial ones. They deliver the same impact as real ones, and since they will not wither, this makes them cost-effective – unlike their expensive real-life cousins, who will need lots of care, attention and upkeep.

Without a doubt, a faux orchid (or two or three!) is the best option for you!