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You’re looking for the best commercial bathroom remodel but aren’t sure where to begin? Well, truth be told, you’re not the only one struggling with this decision. Now that there has been a dramatic shift in lifestyles, modern business owners are looking for various ways to uplift the curb appeal of their bathrooms. After all, it is a place where one can let themselves loose and declutter their minds. No wonder, with the massive evolution of technology and creative designs, it is easier for the business owners to improve the vibe of any space in their office.

So if you’ve been looking for the best bathroom remodeling ideas, you’ve come to the right spot. Here, we will shed light on the best ideas. Make sure you read through the entire article so you can gather the best ideas.


✔Update the Faucets

Long story short, if you want to change the entire vibe of the bathroom, it is best to make changes to the faucets. For instance, you might consider getting new commercial flush valves, they will look classy and exquisite. Secondly, if you get the minor fixtures done, they will protect you from long-term expenditures. Now is the best time to give fresh color to the bathroom walls and replace the worn-out sanitary items with new accessories. Sometimes, even making a minor change can make a huge difference to the bathroom.

✔Shower Location

When was the last time you changed the layout of your bathroom? If it’s been long, now is the best time to change the shower location and see how it greatly affects the visual appeal of the room. It can also be a great opportunity to add a more contemporary look to ensure the bathroom looks refreshed and modern. Get an expert to help you breathe life into this goal without much effort. Even if your office bathroom looks amazing, it will leave a lasting impression on the client.

✔Black Powdered Bathroom

We dare you to go black by drenching the bathroom walls in this color and even the bare surfaces. Once done, you can spruce up with colorful paintings. The outcome will be sure to capture people’s attention. However, if you’re a little skeptical about making a statement with this color, sift through the pictures online to get a better idea of whether it fits your design preferences.

✔Marvelous Pebbles

Pebbles have often been associated with class and embellishment. They can easily be used for flooring or as visual interest elsewhere. Furthermore, a slender pebble column can make a stunning appearance. Especially when an office space is concerned, the marvelous pebbles will have a profound impact on the clients.

✔White Modern Bathroom

Simply put, white bathrooms have long been a popular choice amongst designers. With white wall to wall tiles and flooring throughout the room, the look will be vibrant and refreshing. It will also make the bathroom look polished and clean. The white modern bathroom is a popular trend in commercial buildings and luxury properties. While it requires a bit more upkeep to keep the place looking clean it will be worth it in the end.

✔Minimal Spa Bathroom

The essence of luxury doesn’t necessarily lie in an elaborate space. Even a tiny space, if done right can make the entire bathroom look ravishing. Get a classic marble countertop with a free-standing tub and see how your little bathroom space will be lit up. Secondly, adding a statement light fixture will also complete the look of this space. The minimal spa bathroom has emerged as a popular idea and encapsulated the attention of millions globally. So what are you waiting for?

✔Palm Printed Bathroom

In today’s time, if you want to feel luxurious, you don’t necessarily have to travel to a different part of the globe. Even if your bathroom is very old, minimal renovation can help in improving the look of the place. This is where high quality wallpaper will work its magic. You can also incorporate an opulent vanity and sink that is prepared from marble if your budget allows for it. Depending on what you like, you can get changes in the contrast and the color of the palms. A palm printed bathroom will uplift the vibe of the entire building.


✔Bamboo Trellis Wallpaper

Go the extra mile by making a bold statement with the bamboo trellis wallpaper in the powder room. Therefore, accenting it with bamboo blinds, green window frames and even mirror frames will add more to its aesthetic appeal. Secondly, if you want to give a personality to your bathroom, there’s nothing better than thinking out of the box to create a different environment in this room. The bamboo trellis wallpaper is an emerging trend and here to stay.

✔Waterfall Style Bathroom

Waterfall style showers have seen a huge increase in popularity over the years. This is what you call the ultimate luxury because it allows you to let yourself truly relax. All you need are a few luxury stones, so they can quickly uplift the vibe of the place. You can easily convert from a typical look to the waterfall style bathroom. Once you get it done, nobody would want to walk out of this room.

✔Maximize The Shelf Storage

Give a chic look to your bathroom by using creative storage just above the tub. A gray and white marble countertop will help enlarge the storage space. Secondly, once it is complemented with the bathroom floor, you can rest assured of getting a stunning look for your bathroom. Because a bathroom has to serve several clothing items at once, one can enjoy spending quality time in the bathroom.