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Balustrades are essentially railings that provide support to those infrastructural regions where there is a risk of falling off, such as balconies, staircases and terraces. While balustrades can be made from various materials like metal, wood and ceramic, most interior designers prefer glass over other materials, mainly because of its incredible aesthetic appeal. Glass balustrades have their luxurious feel and installing them to your balconies, add a modern and lavish look to your homes. However, aside from their alluring appearance, glass balustrades are also known for the safety they grant and their little need for maintenance and repair. Let’s ceck out glass balustrades of various types below, so you can choose one for your balcony that complements well with your interior decor.

  1. Framed Glass Balustrade

Although a simple design, framed glass balustrades are well suited for outdoor balconies, ensuring safety as the primary concern. They are also more durable options and come in a variety of designs. For privacy purposes, people can also opt for tinted or frosted glass for their balconies so that strangers do not have a peek inside the house. As they are composed of tough material, framed glass balustrades also last longer.

  1. Semi-framed Glass Balustrade

For individuals who care more about the aesthetic feature of décor, semi-framed glass balustrades are the most stylish and feasible options. They do not compromise on safety and, at the same time, also amplify the holistic outlook. Post design modifications ensure that your glass balustrade balcony does not need a top handrail and that glass panels remain perfectly fitted in place.

  1. Semi-Frameless Glass Balustrades

Semi-Frameless glass balustrades have a beautifully designed handrail and are made of rigid glass panels. At most shops, they are available in both modern/contemporary and traditional designs. Moreover, customers can have personalized details made to these balustrades and opt for powder-coating options to further enhance the look.

  1. Frameless Glass Balustrades

When it comes to sophistication and style, frameless glass balustrades are the ultimate choice to make. They are built of solid layered glass and have an aluminum base that is not supported by a top handrail. As these balustrades do not have defined borders, there are more appealing and create illusionary free space.

  1. Frameless Mini Post Glass Balustrade

These are suitable for any small balcony or terrace and are relatively economical. With pristine steel finishing on top, frameless mini post glass balustrades have just the stylish look for your interiors.

Why Are Glass Balustrades Preferable Over Others?

As it is unobtrusive, glass blends in well with the rest of the interior décor. But glass balustrades with embellishments go further beyond. They amp up interior design by incorporating a touch of luxury that automatically captivates visitors. It is a plus point, especially for those owners who are putting their houses up for rent/sale. If your interiors are chic, they will inevitably attract interest. In addition to this, glass balustrades are becoming a popular choice because they are durable, low-maintenance and secure. With clear glass panes, the view is unobstructed, allowing your home to have an airy feel.