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Cost To Build A Shed In USA

We are here with a solution to a general problem faced by most people in the USA. Many people find that their homes lack specific places for working, studying, hobbies or so one. It is difficult to add up a new place in your home for these tasks and hence we suggest installing a shed. Shed is the best alternative that helps to increase the space of your home and allows you to enjoy the living space or fulfill your hobby outside the home chaos.

Before you plan to get a shed, it is crucial to understand the cost as well as decide a few of the crucial elements associated with building a shed.

Factors affecting the cost of shed

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  • Region/Country

  • Sector

The size of shed as well as the place of accommodating shed are the main elements affecting cost. However, there are many more factors that are to be considered to calculate the total cost.

The custom designs for shed are best option for the people who wish to have everything of their choice and design. However, these are more expensive compared to others.

Let us have a look over the major other factors that affect the cost of building a shed in USA.

  • Labor

The labor charges for building depend on the type of location and the people whom you are hiring and the work you are expecting with them. However, when you opt for custom design, hiring a professional is highly suggested. The expected labor pay to construct shed is around $50 and $100 per hour.

  • Building material

There are various types of materials used in building a shed. Four major materials used in shed making are wood, brick, metal and vinyl. The costs vary depending on the type of material you select as follows:

  • Wood

Wooden sheds are warm and give nature’s feel. Also, wood is more affordable than bricks and can be easily customized as per your requirements. It is easy to add tones, scents, textures, door, window and much more to a wooden shed. Painting your favorite color or design is easy on wood.

However, before you select wood, keep its drawbacks in mind such as insect activity, rotting, and quickly affected by moisture.

  • Brick

Brick builds a strong and solid shed that last for years and is easy to maintain, safe from moisture, fire resistant and highly reliable. However, the cost of building brick sheds are costly and can cost up to $30,000. They are not much common as wood and vinyl to bring in customizations. To have appropriate brick shed, you need to find a builder with great experience and professionalism or you might end up wasting your money.

  • Metal

Metal is highly trusted to avoid rotting and insects. Metal shed does not require high maintenance and is long lasting compared to wood. It is fire resistant but must be selected depending on the surrounding atmosphere. Windy and snowy areas are not preferred to build metal sheds.

  • Vinyl

Vinyl is an alternative to the use of wood. It is capable of giving a look, texture and feel of wood along with avoiding all the drawbacks of actual wood. Vinyl is preferred by most of the people in USA as it requires low maintenance and is suitable for atmosphere.

  • Preparing your land

Building a shed on uneven land is not possible and hence you need to make the sand even to build a strong shed. If your land or place is hilly, sloped, bent or have holes, you need to hire some professional to grade the land. Most people pay $1 to $10 per square foot to get their lands made even.

  • Customization of shed

There are many options available to make you shed look great and nice. Add services, texture, looks and many more facilities to your shed as follows:

  • Pathways

If you are going to make a shed that you might visit several times a day then building a pathway is suggested to have a smooth movement. Pathways are visually appealing and can be decorated easily to give a great look. The charges of installing a pathway may range between $8 and $22.

  • Flowed beds

Flowerbeds along the edges of a shed give them a beautiful look. They are highly useful to cover the surroundings or cracks around the shed giving a clean and clear look. You can decorate the edges with different plants such as grasses, black eyed susans, flowers, purple coneflowers and any other plant that you like. Installing a flower bed through a professional might cost between $650 and $3000.

  • Outdoor lighting

The shed must feel safe and secure at night too and hence you might wish to install outdoor lights to see the path. Outdoor lights are attractive as the sun goes down and can give you flower beds a beautiful look. Adding decorative lights around the shed can also help to showcase the architecture or special texture. On average, it costs around $188 to $325 to get the lights installed.

Cost of shed itself

The cost of building a shed depend on the size and place of accommodation. The customizations also change the actual cost. However, the average price of the shed as per the size is as follows:

  • 100 sq. ft. shed

This type of shed includes 10*10 base costing around $2500. If you add up customizations and other features, it might end up costing around $20,000.

  • 120 sq. ft. shed

This type of shed includes 10*12 base costing around $3000. If you add up customizations and other features, it might end up costing around $20,000.

  • 144 sq. ft. shed

This type of shed includes 12*12 base costing around $3000 to $4000. If you add up customizations and other features, it might end up costing around $25,000.

  • 200 sq. ft. shed

This type of shed includes 10*20 base costing around $7000. If you add up customizations and other features, it might end up costing around $35,000.


We hope this article was useful to you and you got a clear idea regarding how to get a shed designed and installed in you extra space along with the cost estimates. If you wish to receive any further details regarding this, feel free to contact us.

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