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Does your home feel stale? Consider these changes

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Have you been living in the same house for years and are starting to feel like it is a little stale? Maybe you think that aspects of your home are outdated. Or, possibly, you simply want to see a change to give it a fresh look. You might even just be looking for a project to get excited about and aren’t sure where to begin. Perhaps this can be the solution you are looking for.

No matter what your reasoning is for wanting to make a change in the home, a renovation project can be a wonderful undertaking for making updates to the house. It could be a room that has outdated aesthetics you would like to change, new appliances and furniture to make life more comfortable or exterior work to level up the curb appeal.

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If you feel like something in your home has gotten stale and you want to make a change, here are some ideas to bring some freshness to the space.

Change the garage door

A popular design trend for many homeowners is evoking feelings of simpler times, especially with the busyness and complexities of life in the modern world. One way that you can do this is to create a farmhouse garage door. You can accomplish this quickly with a fresh coat of neutral paint, or you could make wholesale changes to the door itself with beautiful patterns or a wood-themed pergola. The garage door is often one of the most noticeable features of the exterior, so making a change to it dramatically affects the overall aesthetic look of your home. If the outside feels stale, this update can reverse that quickly.

Modernize old furniture

Maybe you have some older pieces in your stale home that you have grown tired of. They emit a style that no longer serves as inspiration and you would rather get new furniture. Before you make a big purchase, consider how you could turn it into a modern-looking piece with some tender loving care. For example, you could completely change the look of an old dresser with some fresh paint and new hardware. The power that you have with a sander and some new paint means all of your old furniture can look completely different in a matter of hours. You can do this with entertainment centers, bookshelves, coffee tables, nightstands, and everything in between. Research some ways to update old furniture and it will save you money while still freshening up the interior of your home.

Bring “life” into your home

This is meant to be taken quite literally. Bringing life into your home with houseplants and greenery is a very simple way to reverse the staleness that you are experiencing. If you have some sun-facing windows, try placing a potted plant on a table next to it, or some smaller houseplants on the sill. If you have a window seat, then you MUST take advantage of the space with some cute flowers or even some herbs for growing your own ingredients. You could even install some hanging plants if you have the layout for it. All of these features will bring freshness to the space and chase away that stale feeling. Plus, they can help with the air quality in your home and the overall scent.

Create a yoga studio

This can be a real fun project that also creates a private space in a stale home. If you have the extra room, creating a dedicated yoga studio or exercise room will not only give you a new project to work on, but it will also contribute to a healthier lifestyle. You can create a private retreat in your own home for restoration and relaxation. Some important features of a yoga studio that you could include are soothing wall colors, plants, natural lighting, and a large mirror. Together, these additions will give you the optimum space for self-care in the midst of your home, as well as a valuable retreat from the everyday. A project like this will engage your creativity as you design the space specifically for your needs.

A change is as good as a rest

One reason you may have to decide to make changes in the home is to avoid the feeling of staleness. But it could also be a fix for those who are experiencing burnout. Everyday life can sometimes feel repetitive and tiring, whether that means working all day, raising children, or doing household chores over and over again. Finding a project that you can get excited about allows you to engage your mind and provides a clear goal to accomplish. Completing a project is important for overcoming the feeling of burnout since you can look at the finished product and say, “I accomplished that.”

So if you are simply looking to update a feature that has grown stale in your mind or need a break from the repetition of the every day, then try out one of these ideas in your home and see what it does for both the living space and your mental health.

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